My Frenchie sent me a text with the link to this song, “Marie“. He says it reminds him of me. Maybe because he calls me Marie. Well, that’s not even my name. Close,  but still not my name.  I have several names but this is not one of them. He fondly calls me “Ma bébé Marie” 

I remember the night we met, he asked for my name and I gave him my nickname and he said, “isn’t that a guy’s name? ” I went… ” not how it’s spelled in America.” And we both laughed… So he asked what my real name was and I told him I had several and he wanted me to give it all to him and I did. Then he exclaims… “Like Marie Antoinette!!!”  And he has called me “Ma bébé Marie” and other endearing words surrounding the name Marie since then…  the rest is history… well at least in my head it is… lol 😉



This song made me all teary eyed… I’m not gonna lie… I almost fell for him… or maybe for Johnny Hallyday… one of them… OMG!!! Johnny is soooo H-O-T!!! Even in his 70’s… Oooooh la la!!! I’ll date him. 😉


I think Johnny is more sexy now than when he was younger …  Chacun a son gout!


I found out Johnny (a.k.a. Jean-Philippe Smet) is considered the Elvis Presley of Europe and he’s still alive and to top it off he lives in my neck of the woods. Holy Shit!!! No way, Jose! I wanna watch his concert. First, I have to learn French. But who cares, it’s music to my ears. I’ll dance to it either way. I’ve been listening to his music since.

So there it is… he does it again… spins my world around. Shakes it… Rocks it… whatever you wanna call it. What am I gonna do with this guy??? Yeah, sure… call me a sucker… lol  I’m a hopeless romantic ain’t I? Oh well, Chacun a son gout!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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