Happy New Year!!! Bonne année!!!

To all my blogger friends, je vous souhaite une excellente nouvelle année, pleine de bonheur et de succès et tres heureuse année 2017 à tous!

Another year, 2017…  It’s our second New Year… are we counting?

How I wish I can celebrate it with My Frenchie, in Paris…  by the Eiffel Tower.

Kissing at the stroke of midnight whilst watching the fireworks. Ooooooh la la

Happy New Year 2017 GIF.gif

I’m such a hopeless romantic, aren’t I? It’ll be my achilles hill… boohoo  😦

Let’s see what this new year brings.


De temps en temps, il est bon darreter notre quete du bonheur et detre tout simplement heureux. Je vous adresse tous mes voeux pour la nouvelle année, qu’elle vous soit bien plus heureuse que 2016, avec une bonne année de “blogging”, beaucoup d’amour tout au long de cette Nouvelle Année 2017, bonne sante, plein de bonne chance, et de belles surprises, aussi.



Happy New Year to you all!!!

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


Happy New Year! I’m thinking some of you have a NY resolution of finding a new love interest. Cultivating a committed romantic relationship? Or maybe just testing the waters to see what’s out there? With so many online dating sites like zoosk, match.com, eHarmony  to choose from, internet love has evolved into present time’s one stop shop for hook-up culture and sad to say has also been swarmed by online dating scammers.



My daughter loves to watch the TV show Catfish. There was a time when My Frenchie and i just started our LDR / “jnsq” that my daughter used to tease me that I was being “catfished” by him. I didn’t know what it meant then. After a while my daughter stopped teasing. I guess she decided that My Frenchie doesn’t meet the criteria. We didn’t meet online, we actually have met face to face in Paris before we did this online thing, I know where he works, we’re pretty transparent about each other, he has never asked me for anything (except to come visit me here in the US and if he can send me some stuff/ gifts and I said “NO” to both… not yet, at least.),  we didn’t have any kind of “love bombing” situation,  and I guess we somehow passed the test of time.


Not everyone on Internet dating sites is looking for love;  some may be hoping to scam their next potential victim.  ~~~ Dr. Phil


For those who have no idea what “Catfish”  is…


The episode  of Catfish that I’ve seen usually starts off the same way. A hopeless romantic is being introduced and this guy/girl declares that they’ve found “The One”. They actually believe they have met their soulmate online. However, there’s one problem… they have not actually met, yet. They contact the host, Nev S. and his crew to investigate and facilitate the “meet” when they start to feel that something smells fishy.

It usually ends this way…  😦



A few times my daughter managed to encourage me to watch it with her. It was actually in the beginning of this LDR / “jnsq”  with My Frenchie. I guess she was really worried that I was being catfished. But my case is different. He’s the one who wanted to come and see me and I’m the one who either brushes him off or makes excuses. He knows when to stop bugging me. He doesn’t want to make me uncomfortable. He’s very sensitive in that way. That’s why I like him so much. He picks up subtle cues. I won’t lie, there was a part of me that thought he may be a catfish after I watched a couple of shows and I had to ask myself if I’m just in denial. Then I realized he wasn’t and that I was just getting paranoid.



So going back to the show “Catfish”. I don’t understand how these men and women can be so blinded as to talk and believe a person who doesn’t run out of excuses to see them. Even on skype. Seriously. this one girl was in a “relationship” with this guy for more than 2 years and all she had was a voice and a photo.  How can anyone fall for that? Haven’t you heard of google goggles? BTW, you can also check there if your photo is being used by other people, i.e., to catfish unsuspecting victims.

Here are some  scary catfish stories…

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It’s a scary world out there. But wait! There’s an App for that! LOL  No kidding! Apparently someone came up with a “Coy app” which is the first app of its kind to require a video profile in order to utilize the app and search for members. Fool proof? I think not! These scammers are crafty.


Is this considered catfishing, too?

5 SIMPLE GOLDEN RULES: (this is actually common sense but if you haven’t been blessed with it, read on…)

  1. If the person asks for money = scammer. ~~~> Disconnect asap.
  2. Never give any personal info esp. related to bank and credit card accounts.
  3. Never accept money transfer from their account to yours e.g. pay 90% back. — the money is stolen and can only be traced back to you. You’ll go to jail for the 10%
  4. Never accept any trade as gold. — You’ll need to pay upfront and you’ll never get it.
  5. Be careful to give your phone number to anyone you don’t know. — a smartphone/iPhone can block a phone number. You can always block a person who has been contacting you via chat or mail.




Cyber Safety from DrPhil.com’s “Do’s & Don’t of Online Dating :

  • Verify information on a potential match as thoroughly as possible.
  • Always create a separate e-mail account for your online dating activity.
  • Get a post office box, rather than using your home address, to register for the dating site. (Do this for all sites where an address is required.)
  • List your cell phone number, not your home number, if the site requires one.
  • Change your cell phone billing address so it goes to your post office box. That way, if some nut has access to a backward phone book (one with phone numbers in numerical order and their corresponding addresses) he can’t look up your address.
  • When chatting or e-mailing, never give more than a first name, and keep it that way until the first date.
  • Install a privacy checker on your computer. This lets you set privacy standards and be alerted when a dating site doesn’t meet them. These checkers are often free and can be downloaded online.

If you lose money in an online dating scam, report it to:

* The Internet service provider and/or networking site the scammer used to contact you.

* IC3.gov – the federal Internet Crime Complaint Center, which refers complaints to state, federal and international law-enforcement agencies.

* Fraud.org – The National Consumer League’s Fraud Center, which collects complaints from Internet crime victims and makes them available to law enforcement agencies across the country.

* The U.S. Postal Inspection Service – If a scam artist asked you to distribute mail or postal money orders, file a complaint with this agency, the law enforcement arm of the post office 





Just an FYI…   I’m writing this now in my nighties with no makeup on, hair undone, eating my cereal with a cup of milk and a scoop of ice cream. I should be at the gym but I’m not though I need to burn all that sugar I eat that goes directly to my midsection and hips. Ugh! My home is a mess with all the Christmas gifts that still need to be wrapped and delivered.  I have no interesting plans today besides to go shopping. I miss My Frenchie and I can just daydream all day about him on my day off.   😦    I don’t have a social life out of work and school but when I do, you bet I’ll post it on FB or instagram so it’s not so obvious that I’m such a hermit. lol  Having said all these. I won’t waste my time trying to catfish anyone just to make an exciting identity or live a cyberlife that seems really colorful.


Goodluck to you guys… stay safe. Keep your eyes open ok.

Don’t be blinded by love or lust.


Happy New Year!!!

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Explore PARIS…

Whilst I was searching for something  I bumped into this very handy site, en.parisinfo.com which I can say is full of useful info. How I wish I would’ve found this sooner — prior to my trip to Paris a couple of summers ago.


I am planning to go back to Paris this coming summer and I’m excited to be able to make my trip more organized. I’m sure this site will help.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my school and work schedule will be permissive as I have been anticipating this trip. I am excited to finally meet up with My Frenchie again but my excitement to explore Paris is greater than that.

I have mentioned how much I love Paris and how a lot of people I know here in the US seem to think it is overrated. I would also wish that my posts would make it interesting enough for them to want to visit this fabulous city one day and see how warm, wonderful and accommodating the French people are.

I hope you find what I found in Paris. The love for the place… for its people. Please keep an open mind… know that you will find what you seek. I hope you’ll add this on your Bucket List in 2017.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


It isn’t over til it’s over

I don’t know how many times in the past 12 months or so that I have thought it was over between us. I seem to not be able to make up my mind. I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I know My Frenchie won’t take me seriously. He must think by now that I’m little miss wishy washy. I’m kinda glad that he’s that way. I say stupid $#it, go sayonara then would semi-ghost him just like that.




But then one  day I either decide to respond to one of his messages or  miss him so much that I decide to say “Coucou, baby! Comment ça va mon cher!” out of the blue…  or apologize and make up some lame excuse like “stress made me do it… too much going on at school and work.” He just takes it… seems to understand all the friggin’ time. And we just keep going from where we left off as if nothing happened. No wonder I like him so much.  I don’t like arguments…




Though I know it won’t be like this forever. He won’t just keep on taking it. He’ll get tired one day and might just decide to tell me to take a hike… or ghost me for a change.   😦


So how do I know when it’s really over? I guess it will be a mutual decision or one of us might just ghost the other and stick to it.

giphy (1).gif


I just know for now that I’m still looking forward to that tryst in Paris next summer. But knowing myself, I might just chicken out and find another lame excuse just like I did last Sept. – Oct. when I planned to get away knowing that he was planning to come visit me. I hope he doesn’t pull a “Will” on me. Showing up stateside unannounced then getting mad that I acted like a runaway bride.




I guess we’ll just wait and see.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



20161226 – George Michael, l’icône pop qui a incarné l’esprit des années 1980 – George Michael est mort à 53 ans


RIP George.    😦


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



Pimpf : Drifting somewhere...

L’INFO DE LA NUITGeorge Michael est mort à 53 ans 

Icône des années 80, George Michael a vendu plus de 100 millions d’albums à travers le monde avec son groupe Wham! ou en solo.

George Michael est mort dimanche à 53 ans à son domicile londonien. Les causes de sa mort sont encore inconnues mais le monde de la musique perd l’idole des adolescents dans les années 1980 devenue superstar mondiale. Un chanteur et compositeur dont les mélodies sucrées cachaient une vie personnelle tourmentée, entre problèmes de drogue et ruptures sentimentales.

Le chanteur aux 100 millions d’albums. D’abord au sein du boys band Wham! puis en solo, il a composé parmi les plus grands succès musicaux des années 1980, dont Careless Whisper et Faith, vendant plus de 100 millions d’albums en presque quatre décennies. Ces dernières années, il se montrait peu en public, plus fréquemment cité dans la…

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Nothing special. Just anther long voice message on Christmas from My Frenchie that puts a smile on my face everytime I listen to it. I like to chat with him, too. However, these video and voice messages that he sends me are very special… I guess coz he’s just a very funny guy. He makes me laugh. I love that!

Enigma c4ee16a222cea96ed4029d3d6ec74ea7.jpg


Here  My Frenchie writes briefly which is unusual coz he usually tells me he’s so busy to sit down and type an email but the way he normally sends texts are email worthy. On average I have to scroll up a couple of times just so I can read his whole message. And he likes to leave long messages to the point that he sometimes couldn’t send it to me (tech glitch?)  then he does it all over again.  His average VM is 4-5 minutes long (on a regular basis). Who does that? haha




I actually encouraged him to just focus on the VM’s and videos since he has lost so many text messages already since he types away while he’s on the go and when he sends them he loses it. I don’t get why he doesn’t just break it down and send them into shorter texts. Duh! But he’s gotten a lot better. Just his “mille bisous” to me on VM takes about half a minute. It used to occupy a lot of the text box. Sigh! 🙂

My daughter says, “What’s the deal with the Frenchman and his emojis? Isn’t he a little too old for that?”.  haha   Mind you, he’s younger than me. I guess he just has a thing for emojis.  😉




It’s been  more than a year that we’ve been doing this yet he confuses me much. He can be a little pushy but he seems to always know when to stop and I like that about him. He is very sensitive and very courteous. The most courteous man I’ve ever met. I wonder if most French men are that way. Will I ever find out?

I like that he understands when I can’t be available and when I’m really busy. He never gets mad or acts irritated. But there’s something about him that when I finally think that I got him, I guess I realize I don’t.  Lost in translation maybe? haha


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



Merry Christmas to you and yours!

During this Christmas season, may you enjoy the message of hope, love, and peace on Earth. May all of these holiday blessings be yours to keep.


Here’s to wishing you a Merry Christmas. May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Of Love and our Romantic Best?

For me, Love is a geuine spiritual experience where one feels great generosity and deep affection towards another being with no boundaries and no expectations…  without sacrificing one’s capacity for self love… in fact. it is the opposite.

This love that is given to another magnifies the love one has for self. I still believe that unconditional love is possible. There is still hope for human kind.



This is a great post. Thanks for sharing, Sweta.
Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to you and yours.