Peni$ Rings

I was looking for sex toys and I chanced upon penis rings. I have never used these before so I thought why not now. There’s one big problem though. I do not have a partner with a penis. Actually, I do not have a partner, period. I did just dump my “accidental” bf’s ass not too long ago before I tried some of the sex toys I ordered. (And before I even got to try his penis for a spin 😉 LoL)  But then again, I might be able to use this on my Frenchie next time we see each other. If he’s open… which I don’t doubt. You know what they say about the French and pleasure. 😜 Yeah, yeah… I know I’m a good talker. LoL


Here are two sites I checked out for reviews on these things.

Top 10 Most Popular Vibrating Ring Brands that Will Keep Your Hard-on Truly Hard

To prevent damage or bruising to the penis, a ring should not restrict the blood flow for more than 20 minutes at a time. Beginners should only wear a ring for 5-10 to make sure it’s not too tight. If pain is felt at any time or if the genitals feel cold, the ring should be removed as soon as possible. 

(Also, if you have erectile dysfunction, a blood clotting disorder, any peripheral vascular or nerve disease, or are taking any blood-thinning medication, please check with you doctor before trying a penis ring.)

Here’s why you should NOT wear a cock ring for an extended period of time:

An erection that lasts several hours can cause blood coagulation in the penis, making it difficult to lose the erection. This is called priapism, a prolonged erection. Since new blood cannot enter the penis, this can be severely painful and cause permanent damage to the erectile tissue. If this happens to you, GO TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP

SOURCE: Top 5 Best Penis Rings<<<<

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