Just as you are…

Bridget Jones Diary… I love this movie. I guess a part of me feel I can relate but not really. I got married in my 20’s before I even discovered the joys of dating. It was somewhat backward for me. My parents wouldn’t let me go anywhere without a chaperone. It was a different time. But after a very brief marriage and kids I managed to navigate my way around it (dating) way before the age of technology… of Tinder and Grindr and what not.

Bridget is pretty fortunate, I’d say. Even if she didn’t find love til she was in her 30’s… imagine being able to shag the most eligible bachelors like Daniel Cleaver and Mr. Darcy then later on having a one night stand with Dr. McDreamy who was a multi-millionaire in the movie. What are the odds that you’ll hit the jackpot like that? And these men were in love with her, too. Ugh! Where are these men??? FML!!!

So what made me post about Bridget? Well, Zohan and I were talking yesterday and he made my heart float again. He actually caught me off guard coz part of me was feeling that he’s a little distant or maybe just keeping some boundaries and he’s measuring me up and didn’t really want to show all his cards. But I don’t call him or text him and I guess it gets him frustrated. I do get impatient when I don’t hear from him but when I do I text back right away. Well, I do make him wait sometimes.  hehe

So he starts by saying, I got something to say but I’d rather tell you in person.  I said ok. Then he goes, but first I just want to know if I can trust you. So now I got curious and I won’t let it go… tell me. Tell me. He says “curiosity killed the cat.” First, he made me promise that he can trust me. I was like, “your secret’s safe with me” I don’t trust anyone here”… He says, “you’re not listening…” then…

dot dot da!!! (it’s supposed to be a sound effect of something big coming my way — like in a movie… lol)

Zohan: I really dig you… I dig everything about you.
Moi: What? (I was a bit in shock coz he sounded serious all of a sudden).
Zohan: You heard me.
Moi: I hope I’m not just a project for you. (Where did that come from?)
Zohan: No!!! Like I said, I dig everything about you. There’s nothing I would change.
Moi: Well, I dig you, too. But you know that already.
Zohan: Um, what was that?
Moi: You heard me. I won’t say it again. haha

Mr. Darcy: … but the thing is, um, what I’m trying to say very inarticulately is that, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you very much. 

Bridget: Ah, apart from the smoking… and the drinking… and the vulgar mother… and the verbal diarrhea…

Mr. Darcy: No. I like you very much —  just as you are.

So here I am over-analyzing things. I can’t help it!!!

I’m hoping he’s not just bullshitting me.

He called me this morning asking me when he can see me again and wanted to see me every day that I’m off. He must be nuts! I don’t have that kind of time. Do I hear my heart flutter? LOL 😉

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Dream Big, Dream Often

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Deal Breakers?

When contemplating on what kind of guy (or gal) we wanna date or start a relationship with,  we usually begin with a list in mind before we move forward. I actually have a list of qualities of what “Mr. Right” would be like which I have kept in my black book. This list is a set of traits and other things that I would find desirable in a potential mate… my “dealmaker”.  On the other hand, I have a list of things that would definitely not make it to the cut — my “deal breakers”. 

I broke these dealbreakers down into 3 categories, mild, moderate, a Big No-No!
The “Big No-No!” are qualities that would disqualify them automatically regardless of how much I like them and no matter if they have several traits that fall in my deal maker category. Let’s say he’s successful, committed, physically fit and attractive and very much into me but shows some signs of anger issues or being manipulative then that’s a red flag for me — a Big No-No!”… I wouldn’t waste both our times so I gotta move on to the next. The mild and moderate category are some minor quirks that I may be able to accept depending on how much I like him and how much he qualifies as a dealmaker.

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Now, back to the story of my life… 😉
Zohan took me out to dinner last night. He wasn’t late. I kinda was. Well, if you think about it,  we both were but he did say 830-ish and I insisted on making it early. Then we compromised. I’m always on time and I just didn’t feel like waiting this time. He did let me know that he was picking me up by my house and he was already at the meeting spot when I left my crib. At least I wasn’t aggravated. Maybe he knew I was done. Like, this would’ve been the last straw after our argument last night. Already? Yup! There’s really not a lot I’d tolerate at this point.


Then I saw him. I was happy. Hey, he’s wearing that same athletic shirt… again! Ok, not a big deal. He did say he was with the boys and he had to drop them off quickly and get to me. I guess he didn’t have time to change, more so to shower. Ugh! Ok, again no big deal… really? His life is just so hectic, he’s running from one place to another when he’s off work…and most of the time, just like myself, even when I’m off work, I get called to come in to work to troubleshoot or check on something. I guess we understand each other on that part since we’re  both work in administration but how is this going to work?
Ok, I lied. It really is somewhat of a big deal to me. I take time to prepare for a date to look pretty and smell great and I feel like, well, I’ll just put it this way… hygiene is a very big thing for me, So yeah, I’m a little turned off. But then again, I also give him props for being such a devoted Dad, for being hands on and coaching his boys and all but come on now, take a 5 minute friggin’ shower for your date! What to do! He’s really trying to juggle this. But call me crazy, I kinda feel safe knowing that maybe making out isn’t a big part of his agenda especially after I warned him the last time. For the most part, he’s really kept his hands to himself… I told him I was serious and he’s been behaving. Um, more props? But now it’s pissing me off that I’m wanting more. Yes, I know, I must be giving him mixed signals. I want him to make a move but not too aggressive coz I’m not ready for “that”, yet. MAKE UP YOUR MIND,  LADY!!!



Dress to impress C1xxMjKVEAEibBc

I think this is where he’s coming from… he’s a little too cocky for my taste but just enough that it still comes off as hot. I like that he seems confident about his “skills”… but, oh please, just stop with the dick… I get it, you have a gigantic dick… LOL           Let me be the one to worry if I can handle it or not… if and when that time ever comes…   😉



Long story short, we had a great time actually. We talked, well, he wanted me to talk. Most of the time he just wants to listen and ask questions about what I like. He usually talks to tease me coz I think he gets a rise when I roll my eyes or something. He laughs at me when I get too serious. I teased him back, too. I kinda hinted that I think he’s a player coz he says I’m the only one and I went “maybe at our place but you could have one at the school and one at the gym“. He says he’s not like that and how can he find time.  I think I kinda believe him. Am I being naive? Gullible?


After dinner, we were going to drive around but then his son called and wanted to be fetched. He needed a ride. Then his other son called and he needed his Dad for something else, too. He says he’ll be there soon. He looks at me and asks me why I got so quiet. I didn’t tell him the truth. I really don’t know how long I can do this…or if I can do this at all.


I got a lot of thinking to do this week.

Deal Breaker lauren-engagement-10



Check out some stats…


deal breakers Post42Table2


And I found this interesting article with stats on Dating Deal Breakers. Go check it out.


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Live a Little


Some time ago, I blogged about why I have avoided relationships (dating) like a plague in “Love is a Risk“.



I’ve started dating Zohan… my “Mr. Right Now“… and I’m already having second thoughts on why I’m even doing it… but, oh the rush!
but then again you think, is it even worth it?





I’m all for waiting for the right guy.

I waited… and waited… but it was coz of my fear of being hurt…

then this guy came along when I least expected it.



My daughter says, “Mom, live a little.” so I took a little leap. Whether I get hurt or not in the process, at least I can say I tried to live a little.

I haven’t given up hope… sometime in the future I would still love to meet my “Mr. Right… my King…” I just hope I’ll be able to come out of this in one piece.


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Burning Need

OMG! You’re amazing…
The way you described it is so intense… I can almost taste it…
I can’t wait to see my Frenchie… yum!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Erotic Yearnings

capturing my trembling lips,
with such a sensuous kiss,
making my desperate hips,
rub against you, so shameless,
with desire to have you inside,
well aware of that growing heat
of the lust neither can hide,
touches growing indiscreet,
caressing between parted thighs,
sliding underneath my skirt,
to where sodden underwear lies,
your fingers are so expert.

finding the wet heat of my core,
as I buck against your hand,
from burning need I just can’t ignore,
then grasping panties waistband,
tugging them all the way off,
positioned between my thighs,
your hardness against my wet trough,
gazing deeply into eyes,
as breathing becomes ragged,
and need overwhelms everything,
thrusting deep and hurried,
giving me, what I’ve been craving.

such hard pounding of my quim,
moans growing ever urgent,
as you fill me to the brim,
and I’m lost in the moment.
pleasure of your firm thrusting,
stretching as I…

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