joie de vivre

You must wonder about this photo… that’s exactly how I felt when I got a text and a video message this morning from my Frenchie. Surprise! Surprise! 🙂  Ok. I’m exaggerating a little bit… LOL   but I did feel like dancing for reals! Just not like this… haha

p (3)

I was running late for a meeting but I had to check the message I got when I heard it was from WhatsApp…  that weird knocking sound… Anywho, I knew it was from my Frenchie. Yeeees!!! He says he was thinking of me and thought of sending me a quick “gift”… he likes to surprise me with “stuff” that makes me smile or laugh. He’s silly like that. The last time he sent me some video clips of him being silly, I was watching it for several weeks. I still watch it from time to time. It brings a big smile on my face.

So,  I feel high, he definitely made my day… no, my whole week! I was too happy… and distracted. I almost passed a red light. Gosh! I was going to text him back but I said, I thought his “gift” deserved more than a text response so I responded with a video message, too. Whenever he sends me video messages, he wants to know if I “enjoyed” it or something like that. I’m thinking he means I think it’s entertaining or I find it funny. It’s kinda hard to understand when people are trying to translate words literally.


Flowers Garden (21).jpg


I make sure he knows it makes me happy. Maybe that’s what he wants to know. One day I did tell him that he’s a little piece of my happy pie … I think he liked that.  🙂      My flowers make me happy… a clear blue sky… my daughters… little kids… a stroll along the beach…

What’s your little piece of happy pie?


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile





  1. Fernanda Guevara · August 9, 2016

    A little piece of happy pie for me would be hearing the notification or ringtone of Skype in my phone 😁😄

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