Oral Fixation

First, let me tell you that in my culture, we don’t really talk about sex. It’s kinda taboo topic. Especially if you’re a woman, lest you have no qualms on being called a slut or a skank.



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I take great lengths to give pleasure. I’m a giver. I get really excited when I know that I’m rocking my man’s world. Call it ego but that’s my thing. I don’t really expect anything in return, however, if I feel that my partner is a taker or is not willing to reciprocate even if I don’t even want him to do anything for me (since most of the time I usually am the one giving), I get easily turned off. This is one of the things that broke my past relationship.


When a man receives fellatio he’s generally extremely grateful. If a woman swallows his semen, he looks at it as a huge honor. Don’t ask me why because no man could really explain it. If you can learn to truly enjoy the whole process, you’ll have an unbelievably happy man on your hands. Remember, number one, enthusiasm.  

The best way that his penis fits into your mouth is if you sit between his legs and lean over him. This also allows him a good view. Most men find watching adds a lot of pleasure to what you’re doing. It’s not about whether you’re doing it right, he just likes the visual stimulation.

No matter what you’re doing, except grimacing, he’s going to love watching you. If you can show that you’re really enjoying pleasuring him, he’ll be even more excited. So let him know you’re enjoying it as much as he is. Make noises, look at him with passionate eyes, and treat his penis as if it’s the most important thing in the world. To him, at this moment, it is.

Look at him once in a while. That can really turn him on. Men like to watch and it’s exciting to let him know you like him watching too. Swirl your tongue around the head of his penis, the most sensitive part. Kiss it. Go back to moving in and out. Keep varying what you’re doing, but don’t jump from one thing to another too quickly either–just long enough to where you leave him wanting more.

Allow him to lead. After he’s come, you can slide him inside of you while he’s still hard, which won’t usually last very long. The main thing is to be intuitive about what he’s liking and wanting. Ask him to guide you, to tell you exactly what he likes. If you let him know you really want to please him, he’ll be happy to oblige with specific instructions. Keep the communication sexy, not clinical. Sometimes just saying “Tell me what you want,” is enough to get his input. Each man is individual.

Keep in mind: If he’s not willing to pleasure you with his mouth, you shouldn’t be expected to pleasure him, unless you just like doing it. 

(Source:  How To Give A PERFECT Blow Job (Even If You Hate Doing It)


I am a very “oral” person… I don’t think I have ever talked about this in the past. Or maybe I have mentioned that there was a time my friends called me “Queen of the Nasty” as an inside joke coz of my Oral Fixation or maybe coz I’m just naturally good at “it”.  Not to sound cocky (pun intended. lol 😜 ) After hearing some exes brag about me (and how sorry they were that I dumped their a$$. LoL) and something like this to their guy friends. And you know guys talk, word spread and then hey, you get tagged. What’s a girl gotta do? haha



It pays to know your anatomy, y’know… lol 😉



I found this interesting article that  … 11 Ridiculously Hot Oral Sex Positions You NEED To Try … Y’know, I’m always on the lookout for stuff to spice it up. yeah! 😘


“Psychoanalysts basically believe that if clitoral orgasm is the only way to get sexual emancipation, then this indicates personal immaturity.”   —    Alexander Lowen “Love & orgasm”

I really enjoy giving a good “lip service”… and the more pleasure I give my partner, the more enjoyable the experience is for me. I also am a little OCD. I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything so being a perfectionist, I like to do research and I like reading, checking out new trends and also getting a feel of what makes my partner tick.

Just recently a good friend of mine shared the joys of prostate milking. He went to one of those massage parlors, one of his guilty pleasures unbeknownst to his wife. He says he’s never experienced it before and he got blindsided. He initially felt violated but the pleasure was so strong. He swears he’s never had that kind of intense experience before.

Prostate milking is when a partner inserts a finger in a male’s anus and gently massages or stimulates the prostate while performing fellatio or a hand job. Apparently, this act not only intensifies a man’s pleasure but if performed regularly could decrease his risk of getting prostate cancer.

This piqued my curiosity. If only I would have a willing partner who would be open to intense pleasure… possible, explore the possibility of a male multiple orgasm with me. However, some guys are so homophobic that they can’t be open minded to something like this. Ugh! So frustrating.

Well, I still have some tricks up my sleeves that can blow my man’s mind without having to do prostate milking. There must be a less frightening term for it though. Can you imagine trying to propose this to your man — “Bebe, may I milk your prostate for intense pleasure?”

Ouch! That sounds like that would hurt… haha I’m sure soon enough someone’s going to coin a sexier term for it.


 But I haven’t given up on that. I’ll do some research and who knows I might luck out and find someone to experiment on. One thing’s for sure, I will share the fun with you here. 😁

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And with that… I’m omw to make my Frenchie a happy man tonight… he’ll have to brace himself for a chevauchée sauvage… 😋😋😋


Also, before you leave, check out this article, “What Men REALLY Think When You’re Giving Him A Blow Job”, by “The Blowjob Instructor” Jack Hutson.


I tell ya, I take this very seriously…  😉


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile