A Flower in (Late) Bloom… how it all started…

             I’ve been wanting to start a blog about the things I’m passionate about… traveling, gardening, photography, motherhood, retirement, cooking, finance, etc. I just couldn’t get myself to start and I procrastinated. Through the years, I realized that I have lost my passion, I somewhat lost myself… I felt like a hamster running on the wheel just trying to catch up on life… Then one day, I decided to travel to Europe and I found “myself” in Paris. It was nothing special at first… I was just caught up in the moment being in the City of Love…  then it hit me… I found my Frenchman and he was my catalyst… I came back to the US a transformed woman… how that happened, I couldn’t explain but I knew he had something to do with it. It seemed that my spirit was locked up for so long and he had the key and it just opened up. I was like a flower in bloom… at least that’s what people say when they saw me after I came back from that trip… like I adopted a different persona. I guess it’s a good thing. What they don’t know is that it is my authentic self… and I just got in touch with it… again.  🙂

             I never thought I’d be attracted to a French guy… I don’t know much about them to actually dream about being with one. I’ve dated American men, Latino’s, Italian, Irish, an Englishman, German, Asian… I had no clue about how the French go about “dating” and dealing with relationships which I’ve read in some articles are quite easy or complicated depending on how one looks at it. I heard Europeans are pretty liberal and I’m quite conservative… old school.



             I met him at a shop in Paris one day… it was a random stop… the rain was heaven sent. We exchanged a few words… he was quite funny and sweet … a gentleman…  I thought he was cute but he was obviously younger than myself and “hot” (it was evident that he works out… a lot!) so I didn’t let my mind go nuts about it. Slim chance! I’m sure Frenchie has no problem in the dating front…  he can get any younger liberated European woman he wants and he lives in Paris for goodness sakes!!! How hard can it be??? I thought why would he go for an older (40’s), very conservative, somewhat prudish,   😉   chick like me who lives thousands of miles away… But just before I left he caught me by surprise when he asked for my contact info… I was in shock! All I could say was “Why?” which is not normal for me… I either accept or reject… there’s no in between. I told him I had no phone number. I lied. It took me a couple of minutes to decide to give my email address to him. He said he “wanted to know me better” and that he thought “I had a great smile…  beautiful and charming… etc.”  (What a flirt he was… lol) I was totally flabbergasted during the ride home. Then I told myself that nothing’s going to come out of it coz we live about 5,000+ miles apart… So I slept with a sweet smile just enjoying that wonderful feeling. 

             I woke up the following morning and checked my email like I normally do, I already forgot about the night before. I was shocked to find out that he emailed me right after we parted ways. It was short and sweet. Still I thought… sure, too good to be true. I didn’t email him back until several weeks after I got back in the US… I just had my reasons that I wasn’t feeling right about it… but when I finally emailed him, he was so excited and  we’ve been texting, skypeing, and emailing since. It’s been over a month and I think whatever we have is evolving.  But I feel confused by him, he is too honest and polite and mild-mannered and he takes a lot of the stuff I say literally. I have to explain myself most of the time. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that he speaks great English so we’re really able to communicate and understand each other except for the literal translations. Thank God for that! I’m also learning how to speak French just in case.  🙂

             So for now, I’m trying to find ways to get to know him better and understand what actually is going on. I read a couple of blogs about “dating a Frenchman” but it’s not an LDR site and there’s not a lot of resources out there so I’m hoping to get feedback from whoever is willing to share it and maybe my blogs might even help others who are in the same situation. I’m not quite sure if we’re already in an LDR but I’ll have to write about that in a separate blog.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile