The City of Love

How I wish I could’ve been her. 🙂
Not her for you in this poem but “her” for the man that I’m longing for… who else but my Frenchie…

I believe that there is a “perfect pairing” for every love story, every romantic novel, every amorous poem ever written. This could be the story of every person reading it… thanks for opening this portal so we may have a glimpse… even for just a moment… I can almost taste it. I can’t wait to be back… to the City of Love.


You write so well, M. Raju. 🙂


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Mugilan Raju

I wish I could have taken you to Paris,
We could have sat on the steps of Montmartre,
Beneath the shade of Sacre-Coeur,
As we looked down upon the city under our feet,
Every side street an artery pumping life stemming from the heart of Notre-Dame,
And from up here, we’ll see eye to eye with the Eiffel tower,
As every old lane way crumbles to the power of our love,
We could have strolled down the Champs-Élysées,
And I would lift the Arc De Triomphe upon my shoulders,
Telling you stories from within the vaults of the Louvre,
As we held hands when the sun set and the night got colder.

But you, never existed, or maybe you could have,
Maybe just a figment of my imagination,
A Da Vinci instigated inspiration,
An artwork hidden with the gardens of Versailles type creation,
Somewhere – stored within the hedge mazes…

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Back in the Saddle?

I know I said I was going to end it with my Frenchie. I talked about “closure” in my “Last Tango in Paris” and I did (kind of) “ghosted” him. I stopped communicating with him for several weeks. But this recent terrorist attack in Nice, France during the Bastille day Fireworks was horrendous that I couldn’t stop myself from getting worried and wanting to know if he was fine. I was too anxious to find out if he and his boys were safe and away from all that chaos.

What is going on in this world? Just 8 months ago there was a terrorist attack in Paris, one of the worst they had. Then the last few weeks it’s been back to back acts of terrorism in different countries… the mass shooting at the Orlando night club,  suicide bombers at the Istanbul airport, another terrorist attack at a Bangladesh restaurant, ambush of police officers at a Dallas peaceful protest rally, the list goes on and on.

Anyway, going back to my Frenchie,  I was so relieved when he responded to me right away.  He says the boys are visiting him in the coastal cities of Spain where he’s working right now. He sent me photos of them asap. They were having fun at the beach. He knew those things made me happy. He remembers that it brings me joy when he lets me know that he spends quality time with the boys as he seldom sees them because of his busy schedule (as I mentioned in my previous posts, they don’t live with him in Paris and he travels a lot). I apologized for the length of time that he didn’t hear from me. I gave him a list of excuses… my job, my kids but mostly related to school. He didn’t say anything to make me feel bad. As usual he “understands”. Is he for real??? We continued where we left of as if we didn’t stop communicating.

I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. I have butterflies in my stomach again but it’s not the same. It’s more like confusion instead of excitement. I feel like I want to talk about us to clear the air but there is no “us” and I still feel that I want to keep it that way. Yes, I’m sure of it. You must be as confused as I am. So I know that if I start talking I’ll probably confuse him more. I guess it’s better this way. Oh, women… why do we have to make things complicated? haha

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Enough Hate!

I have no words to describe how I feel about this senseless killings of innocent people especially the children. This person is so evil… so deranged. But I pray for his soul and for the souls of those who are still planning to spread evil in this world.

I pray for the souls of the victims of this crime… I’m sure they are in Heaven now… I pray for those they have left behind who are in pain and grieving their loss. May you all find comfort in God’s promise of eternal life and know that your loved ones are with Him in paradise.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Belle Papillon 24/7

Another act of terrorism… when is this going to end? I just blogged not even a week ago about these killings on “Where is the Love???“. It is so disheartening.  I cannot believe the evil that lurks within our midst. All these innocent lives… and kids??? WHY???

Yesterday,  July 14, during a Bastille Day firework celebration, a terrorist attack took place in Nice, France. A 31-year-old native of Tunisia,  drove a white 19-ton refrigerator truck  leaving 84 dead including 10 children, and 202 wounded, with more than 50 in critical condition. The truck plowed on through the crowd, and mowed people down. He zigzagged, crushed pedestrians and sent debris flying. At this moment no organized group has been named responsible for the attack, but the investigation still continues.

I was just watching the news and I felt sick in my stomach just thinking how the parents felt holding the lifeless bodies of their…

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