July 31st – National Orgasm Day

  Ouiii!  Si!  Da!  Ja!  Yeees!

It’s National Orgasm Day today, believe it or not, there’s such a celebration! And no, it is not a PR stunt from a condom or sex toy company. It actually started


Global Orgasm was an action originally scheduled for 22 December 2006 by an author and activist couple, Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, to coincide with the end of solstice.


“According to Reich, a person capable of orgasm is not subject to neuroses. The consequence of this conclusion is that a full and complete orgasm discharges all the excess energy of the body, so there is no energy to maintain a neurotic conflict or neurotic oppression.” — Alexander Lowen “Love and orgasm”


[1] The idea was for participants throughout the world to have an orgasm during this one day while thinking about peace. Based on ideas such as that of the noosphere and the work of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, it was thought that such an event would have a widespread positive effect on human well-being.


An orgasm is a transient peak sensation of intense sexual pleasure and varies from person to person. They can be whole body orgasms, extended orgasms, those which happen only with intercourse, clitoral stimulation or even just kissing – and everyone describes them differently … a lot of anxiety and stress can arise from the issue. We can place so much importance on trying to achieve orgasm at the same time as a partner, or how good the orgasm will be, that we often forget about enjoying the sensations of touch and sexual pleasure throughout the whole lovemaking experience.  After all, no one goes to a concert to hear the last few notes! (Source: National Orgasm Day: Don’t get caught up on climaxing)




The Second Annual Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace occurred at 6:08 (UTC) on December 22, 2007. The time was the actual moment of the Solstice.[1]

It has since become an annual event, and with participating Orgasms permitted to fall within a 24-hour period around the actual Solstice.

In the context of Directed Orgasm as a practice and habit, the Solstice day is used to culminate the practice for the year, in solidarity with others, and then to begin again, practicing for the next year.

Global Orgasm for Peace follows in the footsteps of other mass meditation and prayer events which also claimed to be able to change the energy field of the Earth[citation needed]. The Global Orgasm for Peace is registered with the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), a project based at Princeton University, which records the output of numerous random number generators placed throughout the globe.[2]

In 2009, the project’s visionaries and founders retired in order to focus on writing. They gave permission to Ani Sinclair to steward the project and website.

Orgasms b2e0298241692141f2b6e48ab56f1a87.jpg

Researchers found in 2012 that about 40% of women have experienced orgasms induced purely by exercise. — SOURCE: Exercise-Induced Orgasm – Random But Interesting #3

FYI: I would tell you this trivia is BS but I feel that this has happened to me at least once last year… I was running on my treadmill listening to upbeat music. I was fantasizing about my Frenchie taking me on top of a bathroom sink in Paris while we were at a friend’s party. I started feeling odd but I kept on going til I came. Yeah! Lucky me… haha 🙂


Global Orgasm is now an annual event.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Waiting it out…

It’s pretty interesting what I’ve been going through with Z (my spring fling). I kinda feel that I’m actually in control of my emotions. The more I see him and the more we kiss, I’m feeling less and less emotional attachment (attracted?) towards him.


Don’t get me wrong, I still wanna fuck him or get fucked by him. Or how does he say it? “Split me in half…” lol    But that’s my body being in control. My mind is telling me NO… as well as my gut. I’m gonna wait it out.





My curiosity sometimes takes over but I have enough sense to stop it. I know he can take it (me) if he wanted to but for some reason, we seem to be teasing each other and testing each other as to how much the other one can take. I make sure he hears me when I say “No. I’m not ready.”  He keeps saying he knows I want and need it really bad but he always stops.


Wait it Out 8006789bb0cc3734ca56a33a79d2660023d66fd71ea1755948161b32292801bf


I’m thinking that I must have a lot of self-control considering I haven’t been intimate with anyone for a significant amount of time.

For how long I can put it off… I have no answer. But I’m betting on myself and I usually win… haha


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



Are we ready yet?

I was having a conversation with Zohan tonight.

We were flirting as usual. Then out of the blue, he tells me “we should have sex now…” If you know him well enough. He’s one person who comes up with stupid stuff just to get a reaction from someone. Most of the time it’s funny.


We should have sex now 16221061

Well, I told him I still wasn’t ready.

He says, “you know you are but I’ll wait til you say you are. I can feel you are when we kiss though. I know you want me…” then he winks. I told him, “I won’t deny it. My body wants you bad. But I won’t listen to it coz I know myself and I won’t do it until I feel that I’m fully ready in mind, body, and spirit. It’s a package deal.” He looks confused but he

I replied (annoyed)… “I won’t deny it. My body wants you bad. But I won’t listen to it coz I know myself and I won’t do it until I feel that I’m fully ready in mind, body, and spirit. It’s a package deal.

He looked confused but  what can he do? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… LOL 😉


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



Things I Hate about You

I’m trying to get over friggin’ Zohan. I didn’t realize he’s such a douchebag. I was so blinded. How did that even happen? I’ve been talking to him since last year, how did I allow him to get me blindsided. You think you know people, huh.


Well, I really have no idea if he really is a douchebag coz I have no proof that he’s playing me. I just have this feeling in my gut. Am I just being paranoid? Maybe… Am I just being dramatic? Maybe…  just allow me, I’m a woman… let me be… blame it on my hormones. lol


Sure, I cannot make up my mind. I have a love-hate relationship with this guy every week or every other day. What is wrong with him? What is wrong with me??? Okay, maybe he’s not a total douchebag… just a little flaky and shady for my taste.



So let me hate him today. He pissed me off again. Why do I give him so much power over me? Um, what did he do this time? Let me think… Did he forget to call me back? Was he acting a litte bit shady again? Did he fib? Did he break a promise? or he just simply looked left when he was to look right? Come to think of it, he hasn’t broken a promise since he asked me that one day to give him One Last Chance. Gosh! I don’t even remember what he did. It’s just one of those days that he gets me all pissed.


So now, I’m trying to get over him again… this seems to be a practice of mine that I do on a weekly basis at the least. This reminds me of the movie “Love Sick” (Matt LeBlanc) but from a woman’s standpoint. I go crazy, get pissed for any reason… I tell him to leave me alone… go to hell… Why is he still here? Why is he putting up with this shit? What does he want from me???


I already knew I didn’t like his crooked teeth and I have a thing for nice teeth. I really had no idea what was going on there. (#sorrynotsorry) And he had facial hair which I’m not really a big fan of (he had a circle beard that to me looks like a front lawn that’s growing weeds). LOL  It’s coz he has white hair here and there which makes him look older than me.

Then there’s the issue of his not so sweet smelling breath on top of the very crooked and not white (some discolored) teeth. Ugh!!! I’m trying to be nice and tactful here. He needs to visit his dentist. Stat!



Heathe Ledger 13e1950c13c860e17c0f1ec706d5f3c1

Oh, young love! But then, doesn’t love make us feel young? I love loove looove Heathe… RIP

Okay, okay… I’m being very critical…

So, I talked myself into giving it a chance and looking over these things. He’s a little cute. Sure I can kiss that mouth. I’ll give him mint. Strong mint! Seriously, if it were bad enough that I didn’t think the mint could’ve taken care of it, I wouldn’t even have considered kissing the guy. He’s cute but he wasn’t that cute. Besides, I didn’t consider that he’d rather spend more time down there so it wouldn’t really have mattered to me. Oh, heaven! 😉


I really thought he was gonna be my “Mr. Right Now”… for a few months at least. But it’s looking bleak from where I’m standing. And I’m getting really frustrated. There seems to be no progress.

That’s it! I am getting more and more frustrated.

Voila!!! My a-ha moment.

So this is the deal. It seems he’s holding off coz I’m not ready to have sex with him.

Now, he’s really pissing me off more.

But then again… I know I’ll still be seeing his a$$… why do I do this???

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



I’m Done (?)

I know I’ve decided that Zohan was going to be my Mr. Right Now… but I didn’t realize that it was going to be shortlived… like really short. I feel like I’m done and I want out before I get a bad taste in my mouth.

I was having a conversation with him last night.  I don’t know how many times I have told him that I’m done. But he’s not taking me seriously. He did beg for “One Last Chance“… he hasn’t blown it. But I really feel that I’m done.

I was upset… for some reason I got jealous… there’s this chick who’s been following (hounding) him and I just feel that there’s something going on. I saw him in the hallway and she happens to be there too though they weren’t talking, I just didn’t care. That was enough. I was pissed and stormed to my car.  I started texting him before I left.

Moi: I’m really done with you. Stop bothering me.
Zohan:  Are you still here?
Moi: I wanna stop this while I still have some respect left for you so please…
Zohan: Where are you?
Moi: Stop! What do you want from me?
Zohan: I’m walking out. I need to see you.
Moi: If I tell you now that I’m not going to have sex with you, will you leave me alone? Never!
Zohan: No.
Zohan: Where are you? I just want to hug you.
Moi: Please. I don’t want you to touch me.
There are many women there… just ask one of them out. You shouldn’t have a problem. You’re cute and charming. you can get any woman.
Zohan: Stop! I want you.
I’m here…
Moi: I’m gone.


I told him that I feel that I was much better off before he even came into my life. Now he’s just a distraction. I don’t even feel inspired. I’m actually getting frustrated and aggravated instead of happy and inspired. That means a lot. I didn’t sign up for this.



I don’t like the person I am becoming. I feel like I’m being mean. I’m becoming a b#tch which I’m normally not… but it’s really out of frustration. He’s making me angry. Why? But it’s really not his fault. I’m giving him too much power over my emotions. I was just talking to my cousin/BFF, code name: Goose (coz he’s my wingman). I’ve been picking his brain since I got with my Frenchie and I found it to be very helpful.






I told Zohan that I’ve decided to maybe just see other people. He says, “Oh, stop!“.




Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


I’m such an idiot! lol

I was going through my draft folder and I found this break up meme from Game of Thrones. I thought it was funny so I saved it on my phone.


This is probably the lamest way to break up with someone. I sent this to Wil (My Dirty Little Secret) by accident last year when we were still kinda seeing each other.  I wanted out coz he was getting so annoying and controlling but I wasn’t sure coz I really liked him.




So I was freaking out coz he was getting really mad at me. I had to get an SOS from my youngest daughter on how I can redeem myself. I didn’t really want it to end this way. It was pretty bitchy and heartless. I believe in Karma y’know.

So I found this.



Anyways, if in case you’re the one being served. Just know that if the jerk tries to use any of these lines on you. Just save your dignity and say “Good riddance! Hasta la vista baby!” Believe me, you’re doing yourself a huge favor.


BREAK UP 02b55be6b3616573d41bf18c9a8e319e


Oh, BTW, that’s not the worst part. I was telling the story to my friend a week after and I was trying to show it to her and guess what, I accidentally re-sent it to him again. ugh! FML!!!


Break up text 42896c5b8db3fd6a9e9c71f4be742661


Talk about being subtle… LOL


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



One Last Chance

So I broke it off again for the nth time with Zohan. I think this is the 3rd time, officially that is.  I think that one time was the space I asked over the weekend then the next one was what I wrote about Second Chances when it was getting too complicated for me and I felt like there were too many deal breakers than I can handle that it just wasn’t worth it to go on.


Then this, coz the MoFo stood me up for breakfast without even letting me know. What an ass! Honestly, we bumped into each other and as usual, when he sees me, his face lights up, he looked like a puppy dog…  but I was sooo pissed when I saw him. “WTF!!! Why is he here? Did he forget?” I was really looking forward to that breakfast with him, He wanted to see me yesterday and today but I said no. He was quite persistent. But I was very firm. He made me say yes today…  then this???!!!

Zohan: hey
Moi: Oh, hi Jake, how’s it goin’?
Zohan: Jake?
Zohan: Who’s Jake?
Zohan: hello
Moi: You’re an asshole!!! Again, you pressure me into seeing you today for breakfast right after I got off work  and you didn’t even have the decency to cancel!!! I had to cancel an appointment and make changes to my schedule coz of you… yada yada yada
Moi: Will you just leave me the hell alone!!!
Zohan: I’m so sorry. There was a work emergency… I was called in and I knew I was going to see you anyway. Please understand.
Zohan: Please…
Zohan: I care about you…
Moi: Stop saying you care about me coz you don’t! You keep doing this shit and it doesn’t make sense. I’m very very hurt… VERY HURT.  JUST LEAVE ME ALONE… I’m done!
Zohan: Can you stop that.
Zohan: I’m serious.
Zohan: U know I care. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even say that. Please stop being mad at me.
Zohan: Please…

Moi: It was nice knowing you.


Well, he comes to see me later on. I won’t even look at his face. He begs me to give him a chance asking me to look at him. Of course, he wants me to see his puppy dog eyes.  He hugs me, we kiss. He asks me if I really wanted him to leave me alone and I said yes… as we looked into each other’s eyes. He knew I was serious. I told him I really cannot do this anymore. I asked him that if he really cared for me, he’ll leave me alone.


He asked me if I can give him one more chance. One more promise that he won’t break and if he does then he’ll leave me alone. I wasn’t saying anything. He asked me if I can think about it. 



last chance 8ee8a669c2578a90b9135ef7ad512e8b

I told my daughter  about this and she says, “Mommy you’re so extra!”


Am I? I think not!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile





Our Second Kiss… Damn, boy!!!

I wrote about our First Kiss which was “blah” in my book. So I’m giving Zohan another chance coz there’s no way a guy as cocky as this one who gives really good “lip service” wouldn’t be able to rock my world in that department. I love love loooove kissing. It’s one of my most favorite things in the world next to dark chocolates. lol

Moi: So are you gonna kiss me?
Zohan:  looks at me and smiles  😉
Moi: You’re really pissing me off!!!
Zohan: Well, I don’t want you to think I’m disrespecting you. You said you weren’t “ready”.
Moi: Ugh! Stop, fucking with me! You play too much!
Zohan: Don’t say that! You have no idea what that means. And I’m not fucking with you…
Moi: hmmmp!
Zohan: Okay, I’ll give you a little kiss.

FRENCH KISSING tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.gif


Moi: Oh, my God!!! What the fuck was that???!!! Please get out of my car!
Zohan: Okay. I’m not gonna say I told you so. 

He steps out of the car chuckling while I was trying to catch my breath…

Moi: Friggin’ cocky $%#*@…   Ugh! lol  🙂


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile