July 31st – National Orgasm Day

  Ouiii!  Si!  Da!  Ja!  Yeees!

It’s National Orgasm Day today, believe it or not, there’s such a celebration! And no, it is not a PR stunt from a condom or sex toy company. It actually started


Global Orgasm was an action originally scheduled for 22 December 2006 by an author and activist couple, Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, to coincide with the end of solstice.


“According to Reich, a person capable of orgasm is not subject to neuroses. The consequence of this conclusion is that a full and complete orgasm discharges all the excess energy of the body, so there is no energy to maintain a neurotic conflict or neurotic oppression.” — Alexander Lowen “Love and orgasm”


[1] The idea was for participants throughout the world to have an orgasm during this one day while thinking about peace. Based on ideas such as that of the noosphere and the work of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, it was thought that such an event would have a widespread positive effect on human well-being.


An orgasm is a transient peak sensation of intense sexual pleasure and varies from person to person. They can be whole body orgasms, extended orgasms, those which happen only with intercourse, clitoral stimulation or even just kissing – and everyone describes them differently … a lot of anxiety and stress can arise from the issue. We can place so much importance on trying to achieve orgasm at the same time as a partner, or how good the orgasm will be, that we often forget about enjoying the sensations of touch and sexual pleasure throughout the whole lovemaking experience.  After all, no one goes to a concert to hear the last few notes! (Source: National Orgasm Day: Don’t get caught up on climaxing)




The Second Annual Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace occurred at 6:08 (UTC) on December 22, 2007. The time was the actual moment of the Solstice.[1]

It has since become an annual event, and with participating Orgasms permitted to fall within a 24-hour period around the actual Solstice.

In the context of Directed Orgasm as a practice and habit, the Solstice day is used to culminate the practice for the year, in solidarity with others, and then to begin again, practicing for the next year.

Global Orgasm for Peace follows in the footsteps of other mass meditation and prayer events which also claimed to be able to change the energy field of the Earth[citation needed]. The Global Orgasm for Peace is registered with the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), a project based at Princeton University, which records the output of numerous random number generators placed throughout the globe.[2]

In 2009, the project’s visionaries and founders retired in order to focus on writing. They gave permission to Ani Sinclair to steward the project and website.

Orgasms b2e0298241692141f2b6e48ab56f1a87.jpg

Researchers found in 2012 that about 40% of women have experienced orgasms induced purely by exercise. — SOURCE: Exercise-Induced Orgasm – Random But Interesting #3

FYI: I would tell you this trivia is BS but I feel that this has happened to me at least once last year… I was running on my treadmill listening to upbeat music. I was fantasizing about my Frenchie taking me on top of a bathroom sink in Paris while we were at a friend’s party. I started feeling odd but I kept on going til I came. Yeah! Lucky me… haha 🙂


Global Orgasm is now an annual event.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



  1. nkdwhtguy · July 31

    Some interesting stuff here. I’m glad I’m not a bee and now I’m jealous of pigs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etoile 75007 · August 3

      Man, if you listen to Sting talk about his experience with Tantra, you won’t be jealous of pigs. Apparently, he has orgasms that lasts for hours. I’m actually exploring that and energy orgasm… check it out. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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