Things I Hate about You

I’m trying to get over friggin’ Zohan. I didn’t realize he’s such a douchebag. I was so blinded. How did that even happen? I’ve been talking to him since last year, how did I allow him to get me blindsided. You think you know people, huh.


Well, I really have no idea if he really is a douchebag coz I have no proof that he’s playing me. I just have this feeling in my gut. Am I just being paranoid? Maybe… Am I just being dramatic? Maybe…  just allow me, I’m a woman… let me be… blame it on my hormones. lol


Sure, I cannot make up my mind. I have a love-hate relationship with this guy every week or every other day. What is wrong with him? What is wrong with me??? Okay, maybe he’s not a total douchebag… just a little flaky and shady for my taste.



So let me hate him today. He pissed me off again. Why do I give him so much power over me? Um, what did he do this time? Let me think… Did he forget to call me back? Was he acting a litte bit shady again? Did he fib? Did he break a promise? or he just simply looked left when he was to look right? Come to think of it, he hasn’t broken a promise since he asked me that one day to give him One Last Chance. Gosh! I don’t even remember what he did. It’s just one of those days that he gets me all pissed.


So now, I’m trying to get over him again… this seems to be a practice of mine that I do on a weekly basis at the least. This reminds me of the movie “Love Sick” (Matt LeBlanc) but from a woman’s standpoint. I go crazy, get pissed for any reason… I tell him to leave me alone… go to hell… Why is he still here? Why is he putting up with this shit? What does he want from me???


I already knew I didn’t like his crooked teeth and I have a thing for nice teeth. I really had no idea what was going on there. (#sorrynotsorry) And he had facial hair which I’m not really a big fan of (he had a circle beard that to me looks like a front lawn that’s growing weeds). LOL  It’s coz he has white hair here and there which makes him look older than me.

Then there’s the issue of his not so sweet smelling breath on top of the very crooked and not white (some discolored) teeth. Ugh!!! I’m trying to be nice and tactful here. He needs to visit his dentist. Stat!



Heathe Ledger 13e1950c13c860e17c0f1ec706d5f3c1

Oh, young love! But then, doesn’t love make us feel young? I love loove looove Heathe… RIP

Okay, okay… I’m being very critical…

So, I talked myself into giving it a chance and looking over these things. He’s a little cute. Sure I can kiss that mouth. I’ll give him mint. Strong mint! Seriously, if it were bad enough that I didn’t think the mint could’ve taken care of it, I wouldn’t even have considered kissing the guy. He’s cute but he wasn’t that cute. Besides, I didn’t consider that he’d rather spend more time down there so it wouldn’t really have mattered to me. Oh, heaven! 😉


I really thought he was gonna be my “Mr. Right Now”… for a few months at least. But it’s looking bleak from where I’m standing. And I’m getting really frustrated. There seems to be no progress.

That’s it! I am getting more and more frustrated.

Voila!!! My a-ha moment.

So this is the deal. It seems he’s holding off coz I’m not ready to have sex with him.

Now, he’s really pissing me off more.

But then again… I know I’ll still be seeing his a$$… why do I do this???

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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