One Last Chance

So I broke it off again for the nth time with Zohan. I think this is the 3rd time, officially that is.  I think that one time was the space I asked over the weekend then the next one was what I wrote about Second Chances when it was getting too complicated for me and I felt like there were too many deal breakers than I can handle that it just wasn’t worth it to go on.


Then this, coz the MoFo stood me up for breakfast without even letting me know. What an ass! Honestly, we bumped into each other and as usual, when he sees me, his face lights up, he looked like a puppy dog…  but I was sooo pissed when I saw him. “WTF!!! Why is he here? Did he forget?” I was really looking forward to that breakfast with him, He wanted to see me yesterday and today but I said no. He was quite persistent. But I was very firm. He made me say yes today…  then this???!!!

Zohan: hey
Moi: Oh, hi Jake, how’s it goin’?
Zohan: Jake?
Zohan: Who’s Jake?
Zohan: hello
Moi: You’re an asshole!!! Again, you pressure me into seeing you today for breakfast right after I got off work  and you didn’t even have the decency to cancel!!! I had to cancel an appointment and make changes to my schedule coz of you… yada yada yada
Moi: Will you just leave me the hell alone!!!
Zohan: I’m so sorry. There was a work emergency… I was called in and I knew I was going to see you anyway. Please understand.
Zohan: Please…
Zohan: I care about you…
Moi: Stop saying you care about me coz you don’t! You keep doing this shit and it doesn’t make sense. I’m very very hurt… VERY HURT.  JUST LEAVE ME ALONE… I’m done!
Zohan: Can you stop that.
Zohan: I’m serious.
Zohan: U know I care. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even say that. Please stop being mad at me.
Zohan: Please…

Moi: It was nice knowing you.


Well, he comes to see me later on. I won’t even look at his face. He begs me to give him a chance asking me to look at him. Of course, he wants me to see his puppy dog eyes.  He hugs me, we kiss. He asks me if I really wanted him to leave me alone and I said yes… as we looked into each other’s eyes. He knew I was serious. I told him I really cannot do this anymore. I asked him that if he really cared for me, he’ll leave me alone.


He asked me if I can give him one more chance. One more promise that he won’t break and if he does then he’ll leave me alone. I wasn’t saying anything. He asked me if I can think about it. 



last chance 8ee8a669c2578a90b9135ef7ad512e8b

I told my daughter  about this and she says, “Mommy you’re so extra!”


Am I? I think not!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile







  1. nkdwhtguy · July 5

    yeah… are extra!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etoile 75007 · July 6

      Ouch! If you keep reading the following posts you’ll realize I wasn’t extra.
      I’d bend over backward for him and drop whatever I’m doing, cancel appointments and all he does is say sorry and sweet talk me coz he knows he can… coz I allowed it… coz I really liked him. My school really suffered. I just didn’t go into details so I won’t bore you guys but he’s no bueno. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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