First Kiss

I’m really not a first date kisser but I haven’t been kissed in a while so I’ve been excited and looking forward to that first kiss. So I wanted to get to our third date pretty quick.

Fast forward to the third date. He still hasn’t kissed me. Let me tell you. I actually had issues with Zohan. His lips seemed dry, they didn’t really look kissable. Not to me at least. Crooked teeth (it’s an understatement)… and his breath is, how do I put it, well, it’s really not sweet smelling. I mean it’s not so bad that I wouldn’t want to kiss him but I always have a mint or gum in my mouth coz I’m pretty self-conscious about my oral hygiene and I brush my teeth quite frequently. I have a nice set of teeth. I visit the dentist regularly. What can I say, that’s the first thing I notice about a guy. I love a clean mouth. It excites me and I know that it’s my asset, too. I have thick full lips and besides an almost parfait set of pearly whites, it’s been said in the past that I’m a pretty good kisser so I wanted to give him a preview of that. But I’m not one to initiate. So yeah, kissing him wasn’t so appealing to me if it were not for him being kinda hot.



At this point, I was already getting irritated…. frustrated… antsy… Is this guy going to kiss me? I had to ask. So I did.

Moi: I’m just curious.
Zohan: Curiosity killed the cat.
Moi: Ugh! Why haven’t you kissed me yet? You keep saying you love my lips and all but you haven’t even tried anything.
Zohan: Well, kissing to me is very intimate and you said you’re not “ready” yet. I feel that once I start kissing you I might not be able to stop and you might think I’m disrespecting you.

I don’t really know if I should call it BS but this is really weird coming from someone who has mentioned to me at least a couple of times how much he’s fantasized about my lips.


Wow! If you’re kissing your date and it makes you think about your first kiss with your ex, take it as a sign… not good… not good at all…



So he finally kisses me…

Um, ok. Why did he stop? abruptly, too… He says, he can’t go on coz I’m not ready and y’know he’s gonna get worked up and he’ll have a hard time stopping and one thing will lead to another. yada yada yada. Another BS!

The weirdest thing though is that I didn’t give much f*ck about that.

While his lips were moving saying all that crap, my mind was flying. I was having all these thoughts. What, no fireworks?! It brought me back to the first time my ex-husband kissed me at a parking lot in the OC mall. It was earth shattering. The fireworks in Disneyland or any 4th of July you can name can’t even compare. I’m serious. He was an excellent kisser. So here I am with another man who is tall, dark, cute and that I cannot even physically compare with my ex-husband but my thoughts are with him. I have no doubt this guy can rock my world. He gave me a little taste already and he says he’s a pleaser which my ex wasn’t much into. So what’s going on?

Maybe we should try it again… the second kiss better be good!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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