Second Chances


I broke it off rather abruptly with Zohan. Not that we were in a relationship but I just thought that it would be too complicated to pursue this thingamajig if it went really bad considering our situation and that we bump into each a little too often than I’d like. Plus he can’t seem to behave himself whenever he sees me which complicates it more.

I decided to just text him. I explained that I was afraid that he might persuade me to change my mind which he usually does. I told him that when I asked him for a favor and that I was going to tell him when we saw each other, it was about leaving me alone and giving me space but that now I couldn’t face him and I’d rather do it via text.



He called the following day. We talked. I explained it to him and he listened. He let me talk and talk and talk without interrupting then he said his piece… very short. And he apologized though he says they were valid reasons and it wasn’t fair to call him a flake. He also says he doesn’t appreciate that I make him feel that he’s wasting my time.



Then I said, “So it’s settled, we won’t see each other again.”

He says “Okay.”  Two things go through my head. That was easy. I was hoping that he won’t give up so easily but at the same time I was glad coz I really needed to move on already. I spent the weekend trying to get over him.

But he wasn’t finished. “Is that what you want?”  I say “Yes. So you won’t see me anymore?“.

He says, “I didn’t say that. You can do what you wanna do, I’ll still be seeing you.

Me: Ummm… What, now???


I think you know how it ended…



You can just read it in the next blog posts… lol


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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