If you want to date a Latina


When Zohan and I went out last week, he mentioned something about my “little attitude”, teasingly. Apparently, he didn’t like the things I texted him the night before. Well, I was done and I can’t even count the times I told him that. Plus he was being a friggin’ idiot. He just won’t get it. I told him many times to leave me alone but I guess he knows I’m really not serious. I do like this idiot… a lot!


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I looove Sofia Vergara! She’s a hot and spicy Latina in my book and if I were a guy,  I’d date her. That is, if she gave me a chance.. haha
I found this meme that I thought was really funny so I saved it on my phone. I didn’t think I’ll ever have to use it on anyone… until tonight.  Zohan has been giving me a hard time whenever we see each other… teasing me and just trying to give me a rise. Really testing me so I kept rolling my eyes and tried to ignore him. He talks about my attitude again and asks me to “lose it” or “loosen up”… instead of arguing with him, I decided to text him this… LMAO



Whenever I read this in my head, I read it with Sofia’s accent. Try it, it’s funnier that way. LOL



His response was classic.  He couldn’t stop laughing.

What is wrong with this guy? Is there anything I can do that would piss him off?


Moi: Why are u giving me a hard time? Can’t u see I’m so stressed out?
Zohan: I’m not… that means I lik
Moi: What? that means?
Zohan: I like u
Moi: You sure have an odd way of showing it.


I guess part of me really want him to just get pissed off for good and leave me alone. I’ll be sad temporarily but at least I won’t have to deal with a messy summer fling if it went south.

Latina 64faec6670b5b5a8093a3ac05f1fe822


Last but not least… I think this is pretty funny coz this is one of the shady things I hear from him since he’s always on the phone, I kinda believe that he runs out of juice and I kinda wanna text him this.






Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile







  1. Fernanda Guevara · June 12

    Hahaha, I have to admit, when I came across that same meme a while ago I also sent it to my boyfriend. It was at the beginning of our relationship and just wanted to set the record straight.

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