Making Out in the Streets of Paris in broad Daylight

Okay. Technically, we weren’t really making out physically or literally… it was more like cyber- making out. Yup! My Frenchie called me today! Yay!

and I was just fantasizing about him a few days ago (My Ecstasy… my real life Fantasy).

We started with talking about how we’ve missed each other so much…

then talked about how excited we are about our impending tryst in Paris in the fall…

and eventually, one of us was half  “nekked”  😉  in broad daylight… well, it wasn’t broad daylight actually… it was more like twilight in Paris… 9-ish… it’s still pretty bright.



French Kiss tumblr_nvx2t1NFzc1r3tiuvo1_500.gif



We talked about other things, too… but we got “distracted”… lol 😉

and we eventually started talking about our plans for our Fall tryst in Paris which I’ll blog about in another post.

Gosh! I am so looking forward to finally dating my Frenchie…

and maybe f*cking his brains out at long last… or maybe it’ll be the other way around… haha

Oh yeah… we were just gonna meet for coffee, right? right, right… 😉

I found this interesting article, How to Date a French Man, … go check it out. I hope it’s not outdated… lol  

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



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