Just Sex. No relationship. No emotions.

I watched the movie “Friends with Benefits” and it seemed interesting but I really don’t believe that two people can stay friends after they have had sex…


Well, I take that back. They can. I can attest to it. I’m still friends with one of my ex-fiance’s and another guy friend who I had a 1 night fling and that was it… we don’t even know what to call it as it was a night of partying and it was part of the past and we’ve been great friends for a very long time now. We’re like BFF’s and we made a pact to take that secret to the grave. (I was just concerned one time when we talked about what if one of us had dementia and all of a sudden had verbal diarrhea… that’ll be tricky… haha)


However,  on the other hand, I think it’s not possible to keep the friendship intact if they continue to have sex. It will be too complicated. Why,  you say? Coz sex makes it complicated and murky… it just does… especially for the women. We’re just built that way. Sorry but you can blame it on the hormones or how our brain works. (Check out: Chemical Romance: How Hormones Influence Sex, Love and Relationships)

Friends with Benefits 9e787852806fac4b5f94ff25c1e9f307

The idea of friends with benefits crossed my mind when I started dating  Zohan but I guess we went a little too fast and now we’re a little way past that. I think I have feelings for him more than just lust… kinda sorta… I don’t know for sure… I do hope he wants more from me than just a shag but I won’t really know til that time comes. If I do decide to sleep with him down the road…

This is our normal text conversations. He likes to text in codes and jokes around a lot. He makes me think… It irritates me but makes me smile… a lot… I don’t ever know what he’s going to say next especially when he gets serious about something. He can get very sweet, deep and sensitive.

Moi: Don’t break my ❤ .

Zohan: I’ll break you in… lol

Moi: Stop being stupid! You’re annoying.

Zohan: haaaah!

Moi: I’m serious. Stop!

Zohan: I can’t. You love it too much.

Moi: Nope!


I actually don’t know how to backtrack. I don’t even know if I should even bring it up or lay it out on the table. We’re still talking about the possibility of being intimate down the road. We’re taking it very very slow. I don’t want to jump in and regret it.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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