My Ecstasy… my real life Fantasy

Two words…

My Frenchie…


My Frenchie is my ecstasy… my real life fantasy…

from 5000+ miles away, believe it or not, he manages to rock my world… for real!!!


When I heard this song a couple of years ago a few weeks after I got back from Paris, I knew this would be a perfect song for my Frenchie. He took over my mind. I couldn’t think of anything else. I was smitten… infatuated… obsessed if you may.


And every time I hear this song, it teleports me to his apartment in Paris.


Have you ever noticed,
That I’m not acting as I used to do before?
Have you ever wondered,
Why I always keep on coming back for more?

What have you done to me???
I’ll never be the same I’ll tell you for sure

You really are my ecstasy… My real life fantasy… 


I felt like a teenager all over again… it was like a breath of fresh air… in the beginning.

but then it started to affect my life… my school… my productivity…


Everything in moderation is great! Moderation is the magic word…

I had to work towards it… gain back control.


ecstasy download


and I did… eventually.


My Frenchie is still my ecstasy… my real life fantasy.

and in a few months hopefully, it will be more than just that…


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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