I received a message from Wil (My Dirty Little Secret) on viber today. (I have finally blocked him on Skype last year on account of him obviously stalking me whilst I’m online. ).  It made me smile but I also felt a pinch in my heart. I still miss him. I thought I got over him but I guess not. Why does it have to be complicated? Why do we have to pick? I know, I know… that’s a stupid question. I wouldn’t want someone cheating on me either. I just couldn’t really make up my mind. Couldn’t quite commit to it.


Hi Sweetie… I miss you…

I was just thinking about the good old days we had fun together…

You’re very sweet.

~ Will


He did send me messages over the holidays… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day. I responded to these texts and made it brief. I wanted to make sure he knows that this is not going anywhere and any attempt on his part would be futile.


Yes, those were fun times.  You’re sweet, too.

~ Marie


I mean, think about it, Frenchie and I are still in limbo and here I am blocking someone who professed his love and crossed thousands of miles to see me but I decided to stand him up. Ugh! Story of my life…




And now my Zohan is in the equation…

What am I doing?

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



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