Tree Hugger

I saw Zohan today…  at work. Inspite of the many times I told him we can’t meet like this coz this place is a “fish tank.” I just can’t say no to him.


We decided to use the Administration breakroom. Most of the night shift staff use the employee lounge at night but just come up here for coffee and other beverages. It’s safer here but we’ll still be seen.  I asked him to sit across the table. We’d switch topics to more formal management type conversations every time someone came in. It was weird but we laughed about it afterwards.

We spent a good hour or so chatting. Time flies fast when you’re having fun indeed.

It was almost end of his shift. About time for him to go.

He says, I think you need a hug. I agree. So how do we do this?

I was so nervous of getting caught but I knew for sure that I wanted to hug him… maybe even kiss him. Though I know for sure I wouldn’t do the latter… not at work at least.

Office Romance 2

This would be an ideal height difference.  Ours is ridiculous. I feel like a dwarf. lol


He walks up to me as I stood behind the door.

He was just standing there as I was.

It felt pretty awkward coz of his height.  I can’t even look him in the eye like how you see the progression of kissing in the movies. Coz he’s so tall, I’ll either need a ladder of he’ll have to kneel… haha


So he hugs me… tight. and I wrapped my arms around his waist — um, at least I tried to but my arms weren’t long enough.. haha  (yes he’s that tall and I’m that short. LOL) and I could feel his excitement against my breasts. OMG! WTF was that???!!! Shit!!! This guy friggin’ wants me… or it friggin’ wants mine… LMAO. Either way, there’s a monster wanting so bad to come out. But at the same time, a weird thought crossed my mind… he’s so tall and hard (he works out) I feel like I’m hugging a tree. Awkward!

He noticed my confused facial expression… he smiles at me and chuckles… hehe

“You like that…” was his statement. But in a funny, nonchalant way.

I gave his arm a flirty slap and laughed, “you’re too much… now go!”

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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