Don’t Mess with the Zohan

I haven’t been as active here lately as I used to. I just wasn’t up to it. There’s just so much going on in my life that I feel a little overwhelmed. Okay, much overwhelmed it is… On top of that, I’m exerting extra effort to ignore my Frenchie. It’s not that easy,  knowing how much I like him. He says he can’t contain his excitement about my upcoming trip to Paris in the fall and dot dot dot yada yada yada. I’ll spare you the details. It’s all just mush anyways. lol

Meanwhile, while I was trying to divert my attention from him. There’s this guy at work that I feel has been trying to get my attention since we met sometime last year but I was just ignoring it coz the other guy which I wrote about (My New OomA) was in the picture. I was gravitating more towards my Mr. Latino that I didn’t notice the advances made by this guy from the get-go until recently. He actually caught my eye a bit when we were introduced… how can I not?  I thought he’s quite charming with a great sense of humor.  And he’s such a big flirt. But again, I thought to myself, “I don’t do office romance.


Fast forward, present day… So this guy, my new LI ( = love/lust interest… pick your choice), I’ll call him Zohan. He’s now moved to heavy flirting with me. And shame on me, I’m actually returning the favor but I thought to myself if he does ask me out I already practiced Zohan’s line (think of the accent) : “You do not eat where you sheet or sheet where you eat… the smell is bad.” I thought this would be a light-hearted way of turning him down. I didn’t want him to feel rejected. But to my surprise, he didn’t ask me out how a normal guy would. I’ve never been asked the way he did. I felt interrogated and pressured but in a good way. I just kept on laughing and we went back and forth like we were negotiating.  I can’t even put in writing how it went down. Needless to say, he made me feel that whether I say yes or no, I might regret it. lol

The voice in my head is deafening — “Don’t mess with the Zohan.“,  in more ways than one. Besides the idea of having a office romance being complicated, what would complicate it more is that there are women at work throwing themselves at him. Not that I’m afraid of competition but they’re younger and aggressive and definitely not old-fashioned/conservative (read: “prudish“) like me. I’m afraid that he might like the easy way in and decide I’m not worth the chase.  On the other hand, I’m thinking he might just be challenged coz I seem to be “uptight” (his words) and not giving anyone there the time of day.

I don’t understand how he makes me feel but I seem to end up saying stupid stuff, like I go “Did I just say that?” right after I finish a sentence. Needless to say, as much as he makes me very uncomfortable… and I feel that he’s annoying me to the max like it was his life purpose. I seem to not be able to get him off my mind lately.  I really enjoy our interactions. He’s a great listener, very witty and he makes me laugh… a lot!




But I feel something good will come out of this… (at least that’s what I think the butterflies in my stomach is telling me.)

So I said, “Yes.”

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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