Pardon my French… me no likey :(


Have you ever felt that you were played? I have, at least once.

I couldnt believe it considering how cautious I am and I tread lightly.

I must have gone through the several stages of grief within a couple of hours… many times… LOL




I guess I must have fallen for this idiot.

Or maybe NOT coz he wasn’t really my type.

Seriously. I think it was just my pride that was hurt more than anything.




I was initially in shock… then I was just really angry.




I couldn’t believe  something like this could happen to me coz he was really really in love with me. Seriously!!! Well, so I thought.  He played everyone pretty well. I’ll give him that.




Anyway, he tries to lie about it and tries to fix it. Apparently he actually was really in love with me and wanted to stay together.  He says he just felt bad for her and didn’t know how to say “No” to her. WTH!!!

In a nutshell, what happened was we got together after he broke up with his HS sweetheart but then she was so in love with him that she was willing to get back with him (in secret) even while he was with me. Is she for real!!! (I confirmed that story from a reliable source.) Anyway, I had no clue how long this was going on. A few months maybe. I just found out coz I was informed by my fraternity brothers which by the way he is one. And she’s my sorority sister, too. So we were like one big family noontime soap and everyone was all hush hush but my frat bros were pretty tight with me so they got my back and that’s how I found out.



How the hell do you hurt someone you love? Please explain that.



Against my better judgement, I almost gave him a chance but then I realized that he really is a douche bag.



Then to save face he started acting like he was God’s gift to women. OMG!!! The audacity!!!

GOODNYT Pray for Brains tumblr_oa6io0mrCc1vprwrro3_500.gif


Boo hoo! This could be you…

boo hoo 717932.gif


or this…

FU supernatural.gif


I was really hurt but… I obviously didn’t show it.



I thought, what would’ve been the best revenge?

I didn’t make myself scarce. In fact, I attended all functions and  conspired with my bestfriend then who was also a frat brod. We showed up everywhere as a couple for a few months immediately after the break up and made everyone think that though we never confirmed it.



Well… I never talked to him again then all of a sudden I see that he’s trying to be friends with me on facebook and he messaged me recently… greets me on my birthday and lets me know he’s coming to California to attend a Doctor’s convention and would like to see me. Um, I don’t think so.



Have a nice life!


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile





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