My New OomA (object of my affection) or LI?

And the plot thickens… I was just writing about My Cheating Heart and there was a sudden turn in events. Of course I do not want to get ahead of myself but I couldn’t help but daydream about this guy when I got home. So here I am with a new OomA or my new LI? ( = love/lust interest… pick your choice).



I have no nickname for him yet. He has a really hot name but I wouldn’t want to write it on here. He is Latino so I was looking at a list of “hot latino names” but nothing comes close to my fantasia. My most fave hot latino name is so close to his name so I don’t want to use it just in case he ends up reading this in the future. You never know.


Anywhoo, he’s occupied my mind for a bit then I decided “Naaah! He’s too young.” So I stopped… briefly til we saw each other again and this happened. You see, when we saw each other a few days ago, we started talking and it went down like this… now tell me if I’m going crazy or what…

  • Him: So what do you do when you get home?
  • Me: Huh? (idk. It was a simple question but I felt tongue tied… I’m sure it was just an attempt at small talk. Right?)
  • Him: I mean do you work out?
  • Me: Oh yeah, I used to go to the gym a lot but since I hurt my back a few months ago I don’t go as much. But I have a personal trainer and I see her a couple of times a week at the gym. Then I do yoga… yada yada yada
  • Him: Do you work out with your husband?
  • Me: I don’t have a husband.
  • Him: Great! Then we can work out together.
  • Me: Um, ok… (silence… I’m trying to let it sink in… what just happened?  he wants to work out with me… what? why? why does it matter if I had a husband? )
  • Me: Which gym do you go to? I have a couple, LA Fitness and…
  • Him: (kinda cuts me off) Sure, I can go to LA Fitness.
  • Me: ok. I’ll see you later. (then I run off to make my rounds before one of us ends up asking for a number or pencilling it in. Chicken!!! bok bok bok)



I’m obviously “crushing” hard on this guy now. I really hope he’s not able to read through me coz Imma gonna die!!! Yeah, drama queen! LOL

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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