What do you want?


When I wrote about the kissing in the rain blog post, I ended up watching this scene (“fight scene” video clip). I thought that their kissing in the rain scene was my most favorite… 



… til I saw this then I realized  that this is the best part. How he knew her so well… maybe better than she knew herself. He reminded me of my Mr. Almost Right. I never really let any man in after him. I couldn’t take the risk of having my heart broken like that again. Yes, I know that I was the one who left him (twice… or was it thrice?) but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt me. 



Anyway, I feel that I gravitated towards this scene. I can relate. It hit close to home… like, bulls eye close. I have always listened to my parents. Yes, I am that child. The little miss goody two shoes. I left my first true love (and maybe the only one I have really loved in every sense of the word) because my dad couldn’t accept him.



Well, there were other things but that was the biggest deal breaker. Eloping did cross my mind but I was Daddy’s girl and I couldn’t break my dad’s heart like that. We were together for about 7 years and were planning to get married when my dad suddenly decided to ship me out of the country. But it didn’t end there. We got back together briefly coz he was still in love with me after so many years. Our paths crossed again years after that. I was a single mom then. But it’s a long story, I’ll share in another post.

Are you a “hopeless romantic” like me?

What are your fave romance movie scenes?

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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