Yoni Eggs… how to care for your eggs

I was ecstatic when I received my Yoni Eggs in the mail. I couldn’t wait to use it. The first thing I did was to google how I can sterilize it before I insert it in my yoni. I wouldn’t want to end up with an infection which defeats the purpose of all this work. Keep in mind that prior to each use you must prepare your egg(s) both energetically and physically. Always sterilize your egg before each use, and clean after every use.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m not quite ready to do some heavy weight lifting just yet  (see Vaginal Kung Fu) but I’ll get there. I don’t see myself lifting chandellier’s, or a surfboard with my yoni like Kim Anami: The Well-F**ked Woman, though. But that would be a feat. 😉  LOL


I found out that there’s a couple of ways to sterilize it. Though I read somewhere that it’s fine to just wash it with soap and water but according to Dr. Jen Gunter, a San Francisco based OB-gyn, jade is porous and can trap bacteria, increasing the risk of bacterial vaginosis or deadly toxic shock syndrome. There’s only one article that states how this may lead to infection (that I have discovered) but I would not take so much of a risk.

There’s a couple of ways to sterilize the egg, one is to use alcohol (v0dka or brandy) and the other way is using a hot water bath. You may place the yoni egg(s) in a  small, shallow bowl or glass and  douse it with vodka or brandy (NEVER use rubbing alcohol).

Hot Water Bath Instructions: 

  • Boil 2 cups of water (Never boil the egg directly! It may damage the egg.)
  • Pour water in a bowl or glass.
  • Let it cool enough to touch.
  • You may add apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil or lavander oil (optional)
  • Submerge the yoni egg in the water for 10-15 minutes.

NOTE: Do Not put your egg in  BOILING WATER! Do Not MICROWAVE your EGG! NEVER use rubbing alcohol! 

Once you’re done sterilizing your yoni eggs, it’s time to recharge its energy. You may smudge it with sage to cleanse the energy of the egg. Simply light it up, gently blow the flame out and fan the smoke over your egg letting the smoke envelope the yoni egg while you declare positive affirmations and intentions. You may use whatever smudge method you wish, such as palo santo, sweetgrass, essential oil spray. Also, you may set the egg  by the window under direct sunlight or under the full moon to charge it up. You may also give your egg a salt bath. Just submerge your egg in a bowl of saline water (add 2 tsp sea salt) for energetic cleansing of the egg.

Another tip I read somewhere is that you may bury the egg in EARTH. To do it properly, declare positive affirmations and intentions and actually bury it “IN THE EARTH”. When possible, find a peaceful, sunlight enriched spot of one’s yard that you can bless with prayer or, even better, a special ‘garden box’ made of wood, terra cotta or clay (or a simple CLAY pot for convenient mobility). The egg will assimilate the positive energy and thought devoted to its care and respond in like kindness.


Now you are ready to insert your egg inside your yoni.  It is recommend that you take a bath, light a candle, pamper yourself and massage your breasts and nipples because it helps to prepare your yoni for this process. The massage aids in easy insertion by naturally lubricating the vaginal canal. Relax. Try to get a sense if your body is ready then insert the egg large side up. For some reason I felt comfortable and ready for my yoni egg and somehow skipped all these. My yoni enveloped my egg straight away. Some of you may feel the need to use lubricants to aid in insertion. Make sure you use organically grown fatty plant oils that are naturally soothing, healing and emollient rich such as coconut oil, cacao butter or jojoba oil. Avoid anything synthetic including water-based lubes.

For new users like myself, please check out gemstoneyonieggs.com‘s article “Yoni Egg User Guide: Cleanse, Charge, Use so you can learn how to use and care for your yoni eggs. This site is full of information about yoni eggs and and other things and she sells them on her website, too.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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