Kissing in the Rain


Call me crazy but I am just curious if there is a word worse than hopeless? “Why?”…  you may ask? Because I am such a Hopeless Romantic and I doubt there’s any cure. I know it may sound super cheesy to some but this is me. I thought I would outgrow it but here I am time and again trying to tell myself to snap out of it. “Prince Charming ain’t real!!!”  haha

Anyway,  I was just making a “Romance /$ex bucketlist” and this came up so I thought I’d write about it. I feel one of the most romantic things is to kiss in the rain. I haven’t actually done the “dirty” in the rain but I can imagine that I’d freeze to death. I have thought countless times how it would be like to kiss and be kissed by My Frenchie for the first time. I have imagined it to be at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (or any airport for that matter) since he has mentioned it to me in detail how he has played it in his head many times.

Oooooh la la!!! Is it getting hot in here??? haha





Gosh! He has one of those kissable lips. I’m not going to lie. It crossed my mind the first time we met. That’s one of the reasons I  didn’t think it was a good idea to go out with him in Paris. .. we would have kissed on our first date and I haven’t done that for the life of me. I’m not a 1st or 2nd date kisser… I’m a little quirky like that.  Well, he likes to say, “there’s always a first time”… but of course… haha




So yes, when I think about kissing, is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain?  I have been wishing that when we meet again, there would be a chance of rainfall and get a chance to kiss in the rain. But then there’s a risk of messing up my hair and make-up. Ooooh!!!  😦  I don’t even remember the last time I got to do that. Maybe in college?  That was a looong loooooong time ago.



And one of the best kissing in the rain scenes I have dreamed of would be this one from The Notebook which is one of the best novels I have read and watched.


I just realized that this is just my second most fave scene in this movie… and I’ve been dreaming about a man that can and will carry me in the rain… lol


On top of the list is their “fight scene” … nobody can top that… my heart melted. Ugh!!! I’m in love!!!

Are you a hopeless romantic like me?

What are your fave romance movie scenes?

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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