Judging “books” by its cover…

Méfiez vous ausssi longtemps que vous vivrez de juger les hommes sur leurs apparences.

I believe it is but human nature to judge a book by its cover. Our initial reaction is to measure someone up by their looks, size, color, how they dress up,  carry themselves…  then we proceed with how they talk and check out other give-aways.

I do not believe that there is a single human being who does not do that. I know that even little kids do that…but not for the same reasons we do. For them I think it may be just because of the survival instinct, like they must think “is this person safe?” or “will this person be fun or will he/she hurt me?”. Capiche?




and keep in mind…



Have you ever thought that someone is beautiful or handsome, like a 9-10, until they open their mouth and spit out a venom of “attitude” then you all of a sudden downgrade them to a 5 or 6.

Or someone average looking who may be a 5-6 in your head then you find out that they go out of their way to do volunteer work and they’re just so kind and courteous then all of a sudden you upgraded them to an 8-9?

Funny how that scoring system works, right?




I totally agree with Jean de la Fontaine, grace definitely supercedes beauty. And if you find someone who is graceful and beautiful than yourself you are a fortunate one. Be grateful for that blessing.  And if you find the opposite the you’re just SOL… go run to the nearest exit! LOL  😉




Judging by appearance goes both ways. I once watched a show (I think it was a documentary.) where several  guys lined up behind a one way mirror and picked by several women. The men ranged from different backgrounds, careers, cultures, colors/ race, sizes. What got my attention was that there was this average sized guy (short for US standards, but I’m petite anyway), I think he’s about 5’7″, who was really cute and was very successful but he didn’t get picked.

The women tend to pick the guys who were taller, bulkier and not so cute or successful. According to this experiment, the women tend to pick the bulkier and bigger men because of the survival instinct. Apparently, our brain hasn’t developed much from the caveman/woman era so women as “gatherers”, gather the good produce and men are supposed to be the “hunters” and protectors.



I may be guilty of both, judging and feeling too conscious about being judged. Who’s not? We’re only human after all. It’s in our DNA. Well, probably not. It may be a learned behavior. Now I wonder if the Dalai Lama thinks that way. Ooops! Getting off topic here. But that’s something I’d like to dig into later.




So yeah, just be you. Stop judging… at least try. When you catch yourself, just find something that’s good in the person. You’ll feel less guilty I promise.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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