This is something we have to accept… embrace…

We can never rely on anyone as much as we rely on ourselves.

It is all an illusion.

The more we resist, the more we’re bound to suffer.

We cannot be lonely if we learn to enjoy our own company.

Nous sommes nés seuls, nous vivons seuls, nous mourons seuls ce n’est que par notre amour et l’amitié que nous pouvons créer l’illusion d’un instant que nous ne sommes pas seuls.



Cherish the moments of solitude.

Enjoy yourself.

Read a book.

Observe the beauty of nature.

Get lost in the wonderful scent of fresh air… the sound of the birds chirping… the waves crashing against each other or the gustling wind.

Or just simply enjoy the silence.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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