Have you heard of “Labia Puffing”? The New Cosmetic Surgery to Plum up your Flaps

I read about Labia Puffing in one blog post not too long ago and it got me curious. First off, what the hell is that? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Ridiculous, yes? However, I found out that it has its “legit” benefits though for some women it’s just vanity and for some doctors it’s just an extra procedure to fatten their portefeuille.

Labiaplasty is the process of reducing and /or reshaping the labia minora (inner lips) that are stretched out or asymmetrical. Through the removal and repositioning of excess tissue and skin, the labia minora is reduced, but the natural contours, colors, and sensations are preserved. Also known as labial rejuvenation or labial reduction, this procedure is becoming more common  now as it gives women more confidence and self esteem by enhancing the appearance of the outer vagina which may cause women discomfort and self-consciousness during intimate times or when when wearing certain types of clothing. Also, in some women with excess hanging clitoral skin, reduction of the clitoral hood can enhance their sexual experience.



Why, LABIA PUFFING? “The vagina, like the rest of our bodies, loses volume and fullness with age, as well as elasticity of the skin,” explains plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden to the Daily Star. “Plumping the labia majora gives it a more youthful appearance.” But anything that can give you a new, shiny vagina in just one speedy office visit isn’t going to come cheap: the procedure can cost up to $3,500, which makes other fillers and injectables look like chump change. (@ stylecaster.com)



The Labia Puffing procedure consists of stuffing fat that is harvested from other parts of the body (lower abdomen or inner thigh) with a small blunt tipped cannula into the labia. Wow! This is like the female counterpart of the “Scrotox” which is a trending procedure for men nowadays where they get Botox injections in their scrotum to get a ‘lower hanging’ and more ‘relaxed’ style. Apparently, it contributes to better sexual experience for both partners. Going back to Labia Puffing, the treatment involves injecting it into the labia majora for a plumper, youthful appearance.




Apparently, labiaplasty has become one of the most sought after procedures in the UK. I’m so curious how this became a popular trend. Seriously, how often do you look down there for it to affect your self esteem.  I have not heard of a man complaining about the  appearance of a woman’s cooch and most of my close friends are guys. Maybe I’m just pretty confident down there. If I had $3K – $5K to blow I’d rather have a boob job and that’s only because  my double D’s are hurting my back and nothing more. But then again, I’d rather spend that money on other more practical things like epic adventures… haha



“The average age of my clients is 45 – successful, well-adjusted women who are married and have a good sex life. But I have turned women away and refused to do it – for example, if they don’t need it or have unrealistic expectation or if they’re being pressurised by their boyfriend or husband. I’ve had men in consultation with their partners, smirking and saying things like, ‘can you make it a bit tighter too?’ I just say I can’t help them.” –  Dr. Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) a UK surgeon



I wonder what kind of more ridiculous plastic surgery procedure can top this in the coming years. It just keeps getting better and better… haha



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile





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