Hopeless Romantic

When I was a young adult, I can say that I was blessed enough to meet the love of my life. He was my Mr. Right until it didn’t happen… then he bacame Mr. Wrong. Well,  the truth is I don’t think he’s ever been Mr. Wrong at all. I’ll call him “Mr. Almost Right” (or my MAR). I don’t want to call him “Mr. Right Now” coz he never was a temporary fix for all intents and purposes. I honestly believed that we were 100% certain that we were soulmates then. We felt that we couldn’t live without the other. But then there’s a twist, it’s like a Romeo & Juliet  love story for us. Yes, so much drama! (If you’re interested click on the link.) He is also the reason I’m having reservations about getting into an LDR with my Frenchie which I shared in  “Love is a Risk“.




I’m going to cut to the chase… We belong in different social classes, my father didn’t approve (and it didn’t help that I was Ms. Goody Two Shoes ), dad shipped me out of the country (hence our LDR began) and we wanted his approval even when we were already planning to get married after about 7 years of being together. The original plan was to please my Dad, get back together, get married in that order. BTW, those years were not all a bed of roses. He cheated on me once.  Broke my heart into a million little pieces but he confessed (I had no clue and wouldn’t have known.)  and I decided to forgive him.



Whilst I was thousands of miles away, I met a man who was to be the man I’d  marry who eventually became the sperm donor (SD) of my children. I’ll call him “Mr. So Wrong!” I’m sorry, did I sound bitter? I am just speaking the truth. He was no father to my children. I raised them on my own. Didn’t offer to pay child support and knowing from his first family he was bad news anyway. But I didn’t know he was in a previous marriage and had kids until it was too late. Yes, how was I so blind???  So naive!!! I didn’t see the signs right away. Oooops, someone is getting sidetracked.

OK, I skipped the part where I heard from my family that “my MAR” may be cheating on me (again?!). This drove me nuts! There was no way I could go there or he can come see me and during that time we can only communicate by snail mail and very seldom get a chance to communicate by phone because his family didn’t own one.  I just decided to not talk to him again.

scorpio-hopeless-romantic-dirty-mind (1).png

I found this and thought I’d add it here just coz I’m a Scorpio. Only my boyfriend(s)  would know if I have a dirty mind. Well, if you stay long enough, you might find out for yourselves. LOL  😉


Anyway, I met another “hopeless romantic” like me. I should have known better to run the opposite way at the first sign… haha   Now I do. He was too good to be true. So that was my ex… my kid’s SD… We started off as friends and he knew about “my MAR” and how we were so in love with each other, and that we were soulmates… yada yada yada (except the infidelity part). He was there for me when I was so devastated by the news about my “Mr. Almost Right“. Then one thing lead to another. Isn’t that how the story usually goes?



As I mentioned, “Mr. So Wrong!” was too good to be true. The sweetest thing. It’s like he came out of the silver screen. He was so in love with me. I still have his cards/letters from when he was still courting me to the time that we were together. I kept it for my kids. They’ve never really known him so I figured I needed to have something to show them as to how or why I fell for this jerk.  Again, I apologize. I have to thank him for my kids.

A hopeless romantic is an expression describing a person who has romantic notions about life. For a hopeless romantic: life = love. Especially when that person is involved in a relationship – He/she thinks about love and romantic relationships in a different way than other people.

This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love. All hopeless romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them.They often live with rose colored glasses on.They make lovelook like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone. They’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is.  (SOURCE: Urban Dictionary)


Mr. Almost Right and I have kept in touch through the years. In fact, we got back together a few years after I got divorced from “Mr. So Wrong!” and I almost married him (my Mr. Almost Right) again the second time (we were engaged twice). He finally managed to clear his name and told me that he learned from his mistake the first time and never cheated on me again but I didn’t give him a chance to explain.   I wanted to make it right. He was my first real love after all. He was still in love with me but I wanted to feel the same way about him as I did when we were young and in love. It wasn’t there anymore. I did love him but it was different. He convinced me that it will come back, we’ve been apart for many years and I’m a woman after all. Well, it didn’t… and I broke his heart again. I was torn…he was devastated!




We’re still in touch. We talk about the past, the present, the future. We have remained friends and maybe til we grow old and gray it might be that way. We do keep it on the down low coz his significant other, his baby Mama, appears to be jealous of me coz she thinks he hasn’t gotten over me. I told her we’re just friends. He was my bestfriend then and I feel we can still talk about things. I know I won’t cross the line and I know he won’t mess it up for his kids.

If you have no idea if you are a hopeless romantic like moi, check this out to find out… “24 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




  1. lindseylivings · January 24, 2017

    Oh my so much drama, I didn’t think situations like Romeo and Juliet actually existed but here we are! It’s really touching that you keep in touch with your mr. Almost Right, that’s an adult move right there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etoile 75007 · January 24, 2017

      We were best friends and I feel that we will always have a special kind of love left for each other. I don’t think that we will ever go back to a romantic kind of love anymore because I have no feeling of atraction towards him — even when we got back together the second time. That was my mistake. I thought we could rekindle the old flame, that I would be able to reciprocate his love. I hurt him instead.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Life as Mrs. A · January 24, 2017

    I had a Mr. Almost Right myself…. my family didn’t like him because he wasn’t the ‘best prospect’ and they felt I could do better… but when you’re young and in love…. nothing can stop you…. we dated for a good two years before I screwed my head on straight and wanted to get ‘serious’ with my life. I’d just graduated from university and was starting my career and asking him what he wanted to do with this life….. nothing… he was happy staying exactly where he was…. so we parted ways because I realized I wanted to grow up and be an adult whereas he wanted to stay in his early 20s forever….. we got back together for a second when we were lonely, but knew right off the bat it was going to happen….a few years down the road I met my Mr. Right and life now is my perfect ☺. I hope you get to find your Mr. Right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etoile 75007 · January 24, 2017

      OMG! What an awesome story! You’re lucky! Congrats, Mrs. A. Thanks for sharing.

      No, I haven’t met my Mr. Right. My MAR is my soulmate I think. I’m not sure if I’ll meet another soulmate but I’m fine and grateful that I have met one in this lifetime.

      I’m editing my draft on my love story with my MAR (The One that Got Away) and It’ll be out soon.. hope you’ll give me feedback.

      We’re in a good place now and have stayed friends. I wish him the best. I have a picture in my head and my heart of who I would like to spend the rest of my life with and it is not him anymore. I wish to find that person and I know he’s out there somewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

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