Dear Side Chicks

Great post by Makaitah Rogue! Quite interesting and entertaining read.
As much as I want to say that we can do anything and everything to keep our husbands loyal. Boys will be boys. Ugh!




Just watch out for these signs…




Women, sisters… please just know your place. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
If women had enough self-respect and self-worth then they won’t settle for second best. There should be enough men out there who would treat you the way you deserve. Like the Queen that you are. Once he treats you like a part-time “B”, toss him to the curb. Tough love! Sorry, I know some women will put up with that shit. Not this one.




I was fortunate to not have this problem in the many years I was with my ex. Yes, he was one of those.  And I would not put up with it either.We had an agreement that we won’t cheat on each other no matter what. We stayed together for as long as we possibly could.

I just feel it is gross to have to share my man and I can see myself refraining from any kind of intimate contact once I have confirmation of acts of infidelity.  Without stepping on boundaries let me just say that I love to do things without reservations and that’s where I cross the line.

And I’m not trying to crucify men here coz in certain countries/ cultures, women are more likely to cheat on their spouses…  oh, what has the world come to!





And here’s some random facts to wrap this up… check out “Demography of Adultery“.



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Makaitah Rogue

This is a letter to all side chicks in the world and over, from married women. I write in my own capacity as a woman of clarity and directness. This might leave you in damp spirits but serves its purpose to paint over grey areas that you seem to be ignorant of.

Firstly, I would like you to pardon the bluntness that is about to ensue. Beforehand it is necessary to define your job description and position in the lives of many. You are subsidiary to the wife; hence you are BENEATH her. I advise you to calm down and descend from that delusional high horse because you are not better than her. Attentively note: Any sane man will never leave his wife, family and everything he has built, for you. A tied man is not with you because his wife is not good enough or lacking in any way…

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