I Touch Myself… or do I? ;-)


I saw this music video on one blog post and thought of sending it to my Frenchie. But it’s not totally accurate. I don’t want to scare him off by the lyrics or mislead him… coz I’m sure that I’m NOT in love with him which this song appears to profess… and I just really like this song, the beat and rhythm is pretty good so I somehow wanted to share.



However,  I do want him to know that at this point I don’t really want anybody else and he has this effect on me where everytime I think about him I feel butterflies fluttering deep within me. Yup! I’m crushing on him… big time!





He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. My day is brighter when I get to talk to him or receive sweet video/voice messages from him… okay okay, I have to admit he makes me wet. LOL


masturbating pLcrfY2.gif



BUT… and that is a very big BUT… I don’t want him to fall for me. I’m serious.  Coz once he falls then he’ll be expecting me to reciprocate and it will complicate things coz I don’t want a real long distance relationship. We’ll have to decided who’s going to have to move and it’ll just be messy. I don’t want him or myself to have to give up what we are… what we have right now. It may sound selfish but we’re fine…  for now that is.


Listen get Herpes tumblr_lxlo3c10mA1qb67e1o1_250.gif



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile






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