Five Ways To Ensure He Wants More

My new blogger friend, Skinny and Single is such a hoot. I couldn’t stop reading her posts, they just get better and better.
I thought I was gonna learn a trick or two… yeah right! 😉
This one was just too much, I was in stitches… LMAO
I can’t help but reblog.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Skinny and Single

Five Ways To Ensure He Wants More And MoreSince you have a big date coming up on Saturday, I thought we could spend a few minutes talking about ways to get ready. For starters;

1. Spend some quality time sourcing out the variety pack of condoms. There is nothing worse than showing up with the big one and being disappointed. (Disappointed because you didn’t have the right condom, not because of his small penis.) Who doesn’t love a small penis? My grandmother used to say he was “built for anal.”

2. Go get a Brazilian, you have been dying to do it since day one. All you have to do is spread your ass cheeks open, Saturday night is coming fast, you need to be ready.

3. You should pick up an anal bleaching kit, you can get store brand now! If you don’t, it’s a complete waste of step two. Besides, you know very well that the…

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  1. brooklyn37 · January 12, 2017

    Humm quel délice !!!

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