Dear Love, the Obstacle is You.

What a lovely story … A bittersweet moment between 2 people. There must be a reason why they met. I believe God has a great sense of humor… He likes to play sometimes.



I do believe in God’s perfect timing…

I met my Frenchie when I was ready to move on in my life.

He was the missing piece. We didn’t have to end up together.

We just had to meet that perfect day in Paris amidst the heavy rains.

I believe God sent the rain to lead us to each other.

That’s how it all started

Everything fell in place.

My stars were in alignment.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


She was ostentatious, yetcasual.

He was pragmatic,yet visionary.

They were destined to meet.

In between the stillness in early morning of that day, his presence came like sunrise, and it led to the beginning
of a story that makes you fall into a series of unceasing circles.

With each passing hour, more of his inner beauty showed on his face, there was softness in the laughter lines and gentleness in his smile.

A smile that makes you weak at the knees.

Hisnose resembled to that of her favourite actor (Srk).

His muscular body promised finesse. He had strong arched brows, and his face, a little leaner and accentuates the bone structure -it could be illegal. His eyes – they were deep and catastrophic.

He had the kind of face you would not mind looking the whole day .

She recalled the sudden pause…

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