Recording Audio

I was  waiting for a call from my daughter when I saw the WhatsApp icon pop on my screen. I checked and I saw that My Frenchie was recording an audio for me. I checked the time in Paris. He should be asleep. It’s Sunday morning, almost 3am. He usually sleeps in on the weekends. He tries to catch up on his Zzzzz’s. He works too hard.



I could’ve texted or called to let him know I’m awake. He knows I’m still asleep around this time coz I wake up just before I get ready for work at 7pm. He usually plans to call me. He likes to make plans. He asks me when I’m off and when’s the best time. He never assumes that I’m awake. He respects my time. I like that about him. But I want him to surprise me sometimes, too. He’s a little too courteous for my taste. I wonder if he’s also that way in bed. I can just imagine. 😉    He did tell me jokingly in the past that once he sees me, he’s not gonna ask. hmmmn…  That’s exactly how he said it. We were talking about how much we missed each other then. I wonder if it has changed. Will he still feel the same way when we see each other at the CDG airport?


This will be us… but I’m really shy so I don’t know.


I wasn’t up to talking to him. I feel numb. I was thinking about 2017 and what I want out of this. I don’t know what he wants, I never asked. I just put it out on the table that I can’t do an LDR. I guess I don’t like him that much. Or maybe I’m too scared. Whatever!


Sex? I wish. I’d be fine with a kiss. But will it ever come to fruition? Time will tell.


Anyway, I fought the urge to check it. I took a look, maybe he’s done. He’s still online… still recording. Finally he finished. I checked. He left an almost 3 minute VM. OMG! No, that’s the first one. The 2nd one was almost 10 minutes. Say what!!! IKR!!! haha    Who does that?



I can’t wait to hear it but for now, I’ll have to practice restraint. I’ll wait for him to go to bed so I won’t have to deal with it. He might want to talk… and make plans again for this year. I have no answer. I don’t want to give false hope.



Ok, ok… I couldn’t wait, especially after I saw that he left me 27 photos and a video message. OMG!!! This guy is driving me nuts! Now I’m super curious. And then there was this nagging voice in my head.



I didn’t listen to the VM right away, I was curious about the photos. 27, for real!!! He has never sent that many photos in the past. A couple here and there except on our “1 year Anniv.”  😉  where he sent me a photo collage and a video message with narration. (@ Ooooh la la!!! My Frenchie is back on track!) .




Surprise, surprise!!! He sent me photos of him with the boys. He’s been saying that he’ll send me more til I got tired of waiting. He says he’s been so busy that he couldn’t see them. He always flies out of Paris coz of work and the kids live in a different city.  He has sent me photos of them in the past but not with him. I wanted to make sure he spends QT with them. He really knows that this makes me happy.

Now it’s time to listen to the VM’s.




Ok, that was the longest VM I have ever received in my whole life.  Sad to say I can’t really share what he said… it’s a lot to take in. In a nutshell, he made me really happy. But I still have a lot to think about.

tic toc tic toc


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile