20170103 – The Real Reason the French Work Less Than Americans Do — TIME

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I think whoever thought of “coordination benefit” is brilliant. But what???!!! The French have 25 “federally mandated” vacation days in a year? say what???!!! I’m lucky if I got 2 weeks.   😦   But I’m in management so I’m able to bank some hours.
How I wish the US will be able to catch up on this trend. No wonder a lot of us is going nuts… all work no play makes Etoile a dull chick… well, not really, I embrace work-life balance. I haven’t totally unpacked and I’m already planning at least 2 trips overseas this years and maybe a couple other local trips.


Excerpt:  That situation also led to what Sacerdote called a “coordination benefit.” France, for example, has 25 federally-mandated vacation days, allowing most employees in the country to be off at the same time. That way, productivity doesn’t suffer in the same way that it would if people staggered their vacation days. (Source: Time.com)


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Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Pimpf : Drifting somewhere...

When the French government instituted a policy that will allow employees to disconnect from work email while they’re not in the office, effective at the start of 2017, many American workers may have looked across the ocean with jealousy. Though the new French law doesn’t set any hard-and-fast rules, it’s designed to help workers limit…

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