Paris, je t’aime

Wow! I have never heard of the “Crazy Horse” show. How did I miss it? 🙂 Now I am looking forward to watching this when I go back to visit Paris in the Fall. God-willing! I was actually looking forward to checking out the Moulin Rouge. Looks like I might have to tweak my itinerary a bit.



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Life in pictures, quotes and words

Ahhhh, I love Paris. I do love London too, NY, Miami…all places are nice and special in some way, but Paris has it something sophisticated, and special. I am not sure if it is cabaret that it offers, or restaurants, fashion, or combination of all of it together. City even smells different, it is like you are walking through the perfume park, and even it is cold,and not  quite for following the fashion, it does breath with class, and style. I think that completed my tour in the most famous cabaret’s and I still can say that Crazy Horse is the best! Absolutely the winner. I saw the show in Las Vegas 12 yrs ago or so, and I was in love in the performance since. Last night I was fortunate enough to enjoy it once again, and since it was in Paris, it was way better. Listen, that is just…

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