I started the New Year watching a movie. I don’t know why I turned the TV on. I never do on NY day. This is the most unusual NY Eve I’ve ever had. I wasn’t up to anything. I usually buy 13 round fruits for my fruit basket that is supposed to be placed at the center of the dining table,  set the table, take photos by the tree wth my family, watch the Times Square countdown and a minute before midnight we’ll be holding our champagne glasses to toast at the strike of MN. My oldest daughter had to work and my youngest… we’ll I won’t go there… needless to say, there was nothing going on at home.


I just turned the TV on and saw “3 Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks“. it’s a partial (7 mins)  of a Documentary. I wanted to watch it just coz it had something to do with Paris, (I watched it closely then, as well as the Terrorist Attacks on 11.13.15)…  it was in French with English subtitles and I also wanted to know if I’d be able to recognize and/or understand it without subtitles considering that I’ve been studying French lately. Non, nada, nil.  😦



Anyway, going back to Trainwreck. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it turned out to be. Amy Schumer was pretty funny and witty. And I didn’t realize that she wrote it, too. I’m sure a lot of women can relate to her story. I can’t really… at least not in the “promiscuous” kind of way.

But I did have a big hang up and trust issues with men because I came fom a family of womanizers (from both sides of the family). I think it’s part of my culture that’s somehow accepted to an extent but I still feel it is utterly unacceptable. It has definitely affected the dynamics of my relationship(s).



This is one of my favorite scenes. It’s the first scene in the movie where their dad was explaining why he was getting divorced from their mom. This was the most idiotic explanation I’ve ever heard though there’s some truth to it. But he obviously is just a lying liar who likes to lie. Ugh!!! Now he even sold this idiocy to his daughter and gave one of them a new “mantra”.

trainwreck umblr_inline_nyxd5k3Iau1rk7klj_500.gif

Another favorite scene of mine involved John Cena. He had a couple of scenes that was crazy. This was one of them where he was “picking a fight” with a black dude and the other  scene was “talk dirty to me“. (Warning, it’s NSFW in case you want to click on it.)



Last but not the least… I found this while looking for photos and gifs to post here and I just thought, “This is crazeeeeeeee!!!”. So I thought of sharing… LMAO  hahaha

Trainwreck Having-apartment-really-big-deal.jpg

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

Paris, je t’aime

Wow! I have never heard of the “Crazy Horse” show. How did I miss it? 🙂 Now I am looking forward to watching this when I go back to visit Paris in the Fall. God-willing! I was actually looking forward to checking out the Moulin Rouge. Looks like I might have to tweak my itinerary a bit.



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile

The Urge To Merge: Why Do We Crave Intimacy? (JS)

A friend of mind shared this on facebook. Please find time to watch. It is qute interesting.

This guy is poetic. But he says it like it is. He has a way with words and I won’t argue with this guy for anything.  haha



There is a universal urge for intimacy, for trading subjectivities, in communication. For Telepathy. Our desire for it tells us about what we wish to be: truly intersubjective beings.”  – David Porush

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