It isn’t over til it’s over

I don’t know how many times in the past 12 months or so that I have thought it was over between us. I seem to not be able to make up my mind. I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I know My Frenchie won’t take me seriously. He must think by now that I’m little miss wishy washy. I’m kinda glad that he’s that way. I say stupid $#it, go sayonara then would semi-ghost him just like that.




But then one  day I either decide to respond to one of his messages or  miss him so much that I decide to say “Coucou, baby! Comment ça va mon cher!” out of the blue…  or apologize and make up some lame excuse like “stress made me do it… too much going on at school and work.” He just takes it… seems to understand all the friggin’ time. And we just keep going from where we left off as if nothing happened. No wonder I like him so much.  I don’t like arguments…




Though I know it won’t be like this forever. He won’t just keep on taking it. He’ll get tired one day and might just decide to tell me to take a hike… or ghost me for a change.   😦


So how do I know when it’s really over? I guess it will be a mutual decision or one of us might just ghost the other and stick to it.

giphy (1).gif


I just know for now that I’m still looking forward to that tryst in Paris next summer. But knowing myself, I might just chicken out and find another lame excuse just like I did last Sept. – Oct. when I planned to get away knowing that he was planning to come visit me. I hope he doesn’t pull a “Will” on me. Showing up stateside unannounced then getting mad that I acted like a runaway bride.




I guess we’ll just wait and see.


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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