Waiting for you…


I get a call from My Frenchie again asking, checking how my work and school is… he says we should plan to schedule to chat on skype … it’s getting old… redundant. He likes that we’d skype chat when we’re both home. Where we can give each other our undivided attention… no distractions.

He has a thing about staring at me while I talk which makes me feel really uncomfortable and self-conscious but it does make me blush and makes me smile and he likes that. I can see that he’s very attentive and he seems to be memorizing my face and my facial expressions like he barely blinks. He’s a great listener and seems to be very interested about what I have to say.




But I don’t want to plan anymore. I told him it seems so hard to find a schedule that works out for both of us. He’s so busy with his business and always out of town. And for me,  between work and school, it’s just really crazy.




Why does everything have to be planned? Why can’t he just be spontaneous like Will? Oh yeah! My Dirty Little Secret… my hotness overload…I almost forgot about him… Why did I ghost him again? LOL

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




  1. Grandtrines · December 16, 2016

    Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog.

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    • Etoile 75005 · December 20, 2016

      Thanks again for the reblog… 🙂
      Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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      • Grandtrines · December 20, 2016

        You are welcome! Merry / Happy back to you too!

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