Call waiting…

continuation of “Retrouvailles




The waiting was torture… after several days of not hearing from him. I decided to give up on checking my WhatsApp.




Everytime I get a message on WhatsApp I get jumpy but it turned out to be coming from my girlfriends. Incidentally, during this time, I got a text from Will (My Dirty Little Secret)… ignored! I can’t deal with him right now. I somehow feel distraught about My Frenchie… But I was happy to know that he’s still “alive”… still around.



Gotcha!!! I thought this meme’s pretty funny so I decided to post it even though My Frenchie doesn’t have an FB account.

My Frenchie and I are not FB friends. The night we met in Paris, when he asked me for my contact info, I asked him if he was on FB (What was I thinking?!) He said, “No.” almost immediately. I believe him. (I still have a lot of friends who are not on FB.) I was relieved. Why would I want to add a stranger to be FB friends with me? Give him a free pass to stalk me? LOL   I did a search, just like any paranoid woman would. Nothing turned up. (I did the same thing with Will… found him but I didn’t add him and I didn’t ask. It was enough that he stalks me on Skype and Viber… 😉 haha



Then just a couple of days before my birthday… BOOM!!! I woke up with an almost 3 minute voice message from him. He wanted to know if I was back in the US and if we can chat soon. He was talking as if nothing happened. He even apologized for the time it took him to respond. No mention of my faux pas. My heart melted…


Then on my birthday I woke up to 2 voice messages from him. The first one was almost 4 minutes long. He sang Happy Birthday in French and left a sweet birthday greeting for me. The other one was a recording of him whistling HBTY  til he almost ran out of breath… LOL  I give him props for trying… haha  That was a very sweet gesture.



All’s well that ends well…


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile




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