No calls rule…

I received an audio message from my Frenchie a few days after I sent a response to the 12 messages (collage) he sent me a couple of weeks back. (See “Ooooh la la!!! My Frenchie is back on track!“) It was about 5 minutes long. I was excited and curious about what he had to say this time. We haven’t talked from the time he sent the collage to the time I responded so you can just imagine my curiosity and excitement at that time.

He says, “We should make time to Skype or call each other.”… Um, Oooookay… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that in the one year we’ve been “together” I only called him a couple of times. Yes, twice… Two… Dos… That was around the time of the Paris terrorist attack, Nov. 13, 2015, to be exact. I remember vividly how scared I was then… worried… anxious… terrified. I wanted to know how he was. But before and after that I have only texted him and left short audio or video messages from time to time in response to his messages.


This is the exact opposite of me. I’m too busy for this shit. I can’t be obsessing about whether he’s dodging my calls or if he’s with another woman or if he’s no  longer interested. I just wanna go “Next!” LOL I dunno. I’m too old for this. No more drama… no more mind games…  please.


I have explained to him from the get-go that I’m not the type who calls guys. He gets it. (At least he says he does.) I have set the same rules with Will. I mean, I do call but while we’re already having a conversation by text or audio, like, I go “are we going to talk on the phone or Skype?”, “Do  you want me to call or you wanna call?”,  That’s it. But I won’t call out of the blue. That’s just my thing. Call me weird, but whatever!




Anyway, going back to my story. He starts with asking how I was doing … hope I was ok, as well as my kids and saying  thank you for my sweet messages… then he continues with “I couldn’t respond right away because you sent me a little bit deep message and I was a bit surprised.“. He says he was in shock.




He goes on… “it seems you didn’t listen to some of my vocal messages I sent you where I was talking about how I miss talking and meeting like we used to do. Of course sweetie, I miss this, too.” He starts rambling then he says firmly “This is not finished! Of course not! The messages I sent you, if you remember,  I was asking you how we can reorganize our schedule to could meet again on Skype… ” He explains how he doesn’t understand where I was coming from when I left that message then he goes on… I told you I was doing everything to could come to meet you in New York… we need to talk… there’s a lot of details. Let’s take a moment to call… you let me know, let’s find as soon as possible a moment to talk.



I’m imagining that this is how he is when he gets a message from me. Wishful thinking. Yes?


I must have played his message  5 or 7 times. I thought it was kinda cute how he sounded worried about my message. I felt he misunderstood me. I thought that I was actually reassuring him that I was fine and he doesn’t have to apologize about how busy he is coz I’m very busy, too. But instead it appears that it struck him as if I was breaking up with him… like I wanted to end this.(And we’re not even in a relationship. Come on now! haha)  And he made it very clear in this  almost 5 minute audio that  “No! This is not finished! Of course not!” LOL    😉




I was speechless. I just had to tell him not to worry… that I miss him, too… and that we’ll find time to talk one of these days… and that he’s too cute… LOL

and of course, I had to say that I’m not “finished” with him, too.

Not just yet, at least.   😉


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



  1. Grandtrines · October 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Still Another Photoblog.

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    • Etoile 75005 · October 13, 2016

      You are so generous. I appreciate you reblogging my posts. You have a great day!

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      • Grandtrines · October 14, 2016

        You are welcome! ♥️ I hope yours was pleasant today and will be better yet tomorrow.

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      • Etoile 75005 · October 20, 2016

        Sorry, I didn’t realize I missed this. I don’t get to check my blog as often as I want.
        Thank you! I wish the same for you. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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