My LDR Wish List for when we finally meet again…


It’s been several days since I last blogged and  I couldn’t find a good enough topic to write about… I’ve just been daydreaming about the day that my Frenchie and I would finally meet again… we just had a lengthy discussion about that the last time we Skype’d… Gosh! my heart melted when he said that he just keeps on thinking about the day that he’ll finally kiss my lips at the airport… and that he couldn’t wait to hold me close and wrap his arms around me so tight and never let me go. Yeah, sounds like a song… he’s very poetic… my daughter thinks he’s too old to be so mushy… teenagers!!!  😉  haha.   He was staring at my lips and my face so hard while he was saying it and I knew I was blushing so bad my face was flushed… lol
Of course, it goes without saying that this meeting  will be surrounded by “romance” and these things (list) would be a crammed up in the one or 2 weeks that we’ll be together… I suggested to just meet somewhere in the East Coast for starters so it’s not too far of a trip for him (kinda midway between Paris and my place) though I’ll be seeing him again in Paris next year (God-willing.) I think he liked the idea. So that’s what we’ll do (tentatively).


So here’s a list of stuff that we talked about so far… I’m sure it will get longer as the date gets closer. I’m so excited!!!

  1. Engage in PDA’s (Public Display of Affection)… Lot’s of it 😉 … I heard the French are known for that… Thank God!!! — I know we’re going to start at the airport and  we’re going to ignore all the “Get a room!!!”  comments if ever… LOL
  2. Kiss him good night (til we fall asleep?  lol )
  3. Kiss him good morning 🙂
  4. Cuddle and stare into each other’s eyes til we fall asleep — must be nice…
  5. Kiss on top, under, around the Eiffel tower &/or Central Park (takes lots of photos and post on Instagram &/or other social media)
  6. Picnic at the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset
  7. Attend a concert
  8. Go camping/hiking
  9. Take a short road trip
  10. Volunteer together
  11. Go to an Ashram and stay for a week to study yoga
  12. Watch a “rom-com” movie
  13. Watch a broadway play/show or ballet/opera
  14. Go on a “fancy” dinner date
  15. Kiss in the rain &/or snow
  16. Make snow angels
  17. Kiss under a mistletoe
  18. Kiss during NY Eve countdown
  19. Get a couple’s massage
  20. Make out in a hot tub
  21. Enjoy a bubble bath surrounded by rose petals, candle light and champagne
  22. Go bike riding around town
  23. Learn a sexy dance (Salsa or Tango)
  24. Attend a family get-together
  25. Play 21 questions
  26. Play truth or dare
  27. Play a drinking game
  28. Prepare dinner and  eat together
  29. Serve him breakfast in bed
  30. Watch the Northern Lights

Is there a better place to get engaged than the city of love??? Venice maybe??? ooooh la la

I found these sites with excellent LDR wishlist activities/ideas so I plan to visit them when I have the time to read and update my list…

1. 104 Long Distance Relationship Activities


3. LDR Bucket List


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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