It’s V-day but I am in limbo. I could not find the inspiration or the strength to write or say anything to my dear Frenchie. He sent me the sweetest and most thoughtful text and voice message a few days ago and I just gave him a brief and unromantic response saying that I will respond to him soon. I am stuck in this “analysis paralysis” situation again.

I initially intended to send him a photo of my derriere in a cute bikini with the caption I like you with all my butt… I would’ve said heart but my butt’s bigger…”  😉  I know it’s not original but I thought it was cute and funny and my only intent is to make him smile. I saw it somewhere and it was LOVE not LIKE and I wouldn’t want to use the L word… not even sure if I’d like to say I “like” him yet. I definitely do not want to confuse him. Anyway, I decided against it and here I am blogging instead… he must be thinking that I’m ghosting him already… lol



I think it’s just a little sticky to send him a message around this time just coz of the romance surrounding this holiday.  We still haven’t labeled “us” and  it is what I wanted anyway isn’t it… so who’s to blame? Moi!!! nobody else… And I always thought it’s a little cheesy to celebrate V-day on the same day, too. I would really not want to give him mixed signals coz I’m pretty confused with what I want  at this point. I know for sure that I miss him so much and I wish he lived so close and that I could be with him right this moment. But he’s thousands of miles away and we don’t really know each other and I don’t know if I can trust him, or if he can ever make me feel safe and I know for sure that I don’t want an LDR… it won’t work for me. Aaaaaaaaah!!! I’m getting frustrated!!!



I watched the movie, The Tourist, (starring Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp)  last night and sure enough it brought me back to those serendipitous days in Paris and Venice last summer. I would love to find my Alexander Pearce. I would like to be Elise to someone who would not only take a bullet for me but also summon me to the ball… romance me and dance with me… wine and dine me next to the Venezia canal… the jewelry and all the excitement would just be icing on the cake. Until now I ask God why He has made our paths cross that one night in Paris. I don’t believe in coincidences but there were a few things that happened that night which contributed to this domino effect where there was a brief instance where my Frenchie and I were all alone and he managed to ask for my number. (Believe me, I was ALWAYS with my friends. There was NO WAY, he could’ve asked for my number if it were not for “divine intervention”).


I would love to find my Alexander Pearce. I would like to be Elise to someone who would not only take a bullet for me but also summon me to the ball… romance me and dance with me… wine and dine me next to the Venezia canal… the jewelry and all the excitement would just be icing on the cake.  ~~~  Etoile


Now, almost half a year has passed and my life has changed… I’m not the same woman that went to Paris last summer… I have evolved… transformed if you may…  and I’m still in the process of self-discovery. I’m enjoying this journey and I cherish every single experience…

I had no idea how this man from the other side of the world have inspired me to do so much of the stuff I used to  have reservations for. It’s like he opened my mind, heart and spirit  to a lot of possibilities… to be bold and just not be scared of life.

Is it because he is young? a free spirit? because he’s French???  is it his culture? I don’t know… I don’t care, really… I just want to embrace it. I feel liberated for once.

There’s so much to do… so little time? not really… I just have to start now…



Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



P.S. I just have to add… I actually wrote this piece days before the 14th ready for V-day posting. I didn’t expect  any more messages from him since he already left a couple for me with not much of a response from yours truly {and he’s taking care of very important family (kids) stuff over the weekend — welcome to dating a guy with kids…  😉  }. So imagine when I woke up on V-day and I saw a couple of V-day messages on my phone… my heart melted…. I floated!!!… I was on cloud 9 the whole day!!! only the ladies can relate… OMG!!!! He remembered!!! and I thought V-day was just for lovers. So are we legit now? It must mean something, right?… I know I shouldn’t analyze too much but my ex couldn’t even remember our anniv. that fell on V-day for years and this guy remembered to at least send me a greeting from across the globe. Go figure… That must make somebody feel important… Moi!!!  And FYI, I decided to send the derriere greeting   😉  after that. He almost had a heart attack. LOL






  1. hhldr · February 25, 2016

    Loved this post! It should be noted, I’m about to start “ghosting” you blog lol. Great post and I’m happy for you, for the woman you have become 🙂


    • Belle Etoile 75005 · May 6, 2016

      Hi… sorry for the very late response…
      I guess I’m the one who ghosted you instead… lol
      Thanks for the compliment and for reading my blog.
      I’ve enjoyed reading some of yours, too..


      • hhldr · May 7, 2016

        Lol it’s okay don’t worry about it😺

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dom Hefe · August 27, 2016

    Great post! Honestly really enjoyed reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etoile 75005 · August 28, 2016

      Thanks for dropping by and taking time to share your feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Don’t be a stranger.
      I just dropped by your site and left some comments also. 😉


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