Finding “True Love”…to Think is to Create…

I feel inspired to write so soon… I still feel high from that almost 2 hour super hot and passionate skype session with my Frenchie yesterday. I’ll spare you the deets ;-)… OMG!!! I spent the whole day yesterday daydreaming about Paris in my bed… I felt like his body was next to mine… yada yada yada… Is it the month of love or what? Love is really in the air… or it may just be pure lust in our case… or maybe a mixture of both… haha

I picked the “Up” house as my featured image because this movie makes me still believe in true love.  I can’t help but cry every time I watch it because it reminds me of my grandpa and grandma.  I remember that at my grandfather’s funeral, we read the eulogy he wrote for when he thought he was going to die of cancer years ago. In his eulogy, he mentioned that he was not scared of death, he was more scared to leave my grandmother on her own… he loved her so much that he spoiled her… she was totally dependent on him. My grandmother never learned how to drive. Gramps called her on his lunch break every single day until he retired. She died a few years before he did. He didn’t sell the house or got rid of her stuff. He took her urn wherever he traveled (I know some people may find it creepy but it seemed very romantic at that time.) until the time of his death. Gramps had asked to be cremated then both of their ashes were taken at the same time to the Basilica at their hometown as their final resting place.

p (1)

This quote reminds me of their love story… of how much my grandpa loved her… He was a brave man. He was not afraid of cancer. He was not afraid to die… but he was not ready to die because he wanted to take care of her til the end… coz he promised her forever. One day I wish I could find my one true love. I have found him in the past and I lost him (but it was all my fault) … I am grateful  for that because there’s a lot of people in this world who can’t say that they have found their one true love in their lifetime. I still have faith that I will meet him in my future and I know in deep my heart that it is not my Frenchie. I know that while my Frenchie keeps that spot in my heart or brain or whichever space it is he’s occupying right now within me, I won’t be able to open up that space for my one true love but I am willing to wait to enjoy this bliss and excitement that my Frenchie provides at this moment.

I found this video “Finding love: a video about seeing what we look for” … it is so true… we really attract what we focus on. Based on my experience, it actually manifests. And that is what I am going to do from now on. I will be more mindful of my thoughts… more guarded of what I would like to manifest… pay attention and attract my one true love… very soon… but for now… enjoy my blissful moments with my  delicious Frenchie and remain his “precieuse belle princesse dulcinée”  (precious lady love beautiful princess) for the meantime.

Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



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