Joyeux Noël… bonne année…we survived our 1st quarter… Woot!!!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re still going… after writing at least 4 goodbye emails that I haven’t sent to him (yet) we’re still here… 🙂

3 long months and a week… Yes!

I didn’t expect to hear from him til after Christmas since I thought he’d be too busy with his kids who live quite a distance from Paris but I got a “Merry Christmas… etcetera + misc. emojis” text from him just a few minutes before midnight (Paris time)… I felt elated! Considering his track record… that was a big deal.

It’s still quite a roller coaster ride for me… he confuses me at times. Well, almost every week… am I blind???  who is too busy to not be able to send a response in a timely manner… like within a day at least… maybe he’s just not that into me. Yup! talk is cheap… I’m so close to ditching him… but he fills a spot right now so he’ll be my “Mr. Right Now”… I’m just too busy… my plate is too full that starting a new relationship is too far away from my mind… unless he falls on my lap from heaven above… haha 😉

So I’m gonna see how this goes… I’m so curious how it’s going to turn out… either way I have already controlled myself from investing more emotions and energy on whatever this is…

Bonne année!!! I can’t wait for whatever 2016 has in store for me…




Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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