Je t’aime Paris et mon cœur est avec vous

It has been a month since that act of terrorism in Paris. I found out about it while I was chatting with my Canadian friend about my Frenchie. And out of the blue he goes, “so how’s your friend?” I said he’s fine and he goes. “coz there’s a terrorist attack going on in Paris as we speak”. I freaked out. It was the first time I actually called him. I was so worried that something bad had happened to him.

I spent the next hour or so praying for his safety and for the other victims  and hoping he would call me as soon as he can.  He texted me to let me know he was fine and that he couldn’t call coz he had lo batt and he  was trying to check on his friends and family. That was fine by me. At least I know I can breath a sigh of relief. I was glued to the TV trying to find out the extent of the act of terrorism the next few days after that. It was surreal… I was just in Paris a few weeks ago… I noticed heavy military presence in a lot of public places. How can this happen? How was this not prevented?

Since this terror attack in Paris, the phrase même pas peur! (mem pah purr) has been pretty visible and popular in a lot of photos I’ve seen on TV and the internet so I became curious and found this very useful website (check link).  Même pas peur is a French expression meaning  “you don’t scare me” or “I’m not a bit afraid!” when confronted with something or someone daunting. I admire the French people for taking this stand against terrorism. I dread the day that suicide bombers would inhabit America just like how common it is in Israel.

meme pas peur_a-republique-les-parisiens-n-ont-meme-pas-peur-apres-les-attentats

My Frenchie told me that by Monday, it seemed like the people in Paris went back to their normal routines. They refuse to be terrorized by these sadistic animals.  The French indeed are very resilient people. First Charlie Hebdo and now this…


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile



(01.14.16) I just found this blog with more detailed info about that weekend… check it out…

Meme pas peur_Terror


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