Pressure much???

So my Frenchie an d I just had our 2+ hours of skype chat this week and out of the blue I suggested that since we’re already able to text on WhatsApp maybe we can check in every couple of days or so… Not that it bothers me to chat for more than an hour (it’s more like close to 3 hours. really… ) but he works long and late hours… I feel bad that he has to be up almost all night just so we can chat coz of the time difference and all  (sometimes we hang up at almost 6 am Paris time) and it’s just really hard for both of us with our work schedules. And I think 1 hour of chat is really my boundary (of tolerance) though I don’t want him to feel that I no longer want to talk. I love talking to him though. I do give hints that maybe it’s time for him to sleep then we do our “synchronized count to hang up”… just like teenagers… 😉 lol

Anyway, his response was that he didn’t like the “pressure” of having to check in every couple of days just because of the time or “deadline”. He says he wants to text or call when he feels like it not coz it’s been a couple of days. I said “Ok, no pressure.”  though it kinda pinched my heart a bit. Well lo and behold… same day he texts me…then he leaves a “Coucou sweetheart”  message asking me if we can chat on skype the following day… then he texts me again. and now I’m thinking “what’s going on???”  — back to back messages after  what he just said??? I am so confused!!!

Long story short, we didn’t get to chat. I initially told him fine then I had to cancel and do a raincheck on that chat. He left me a long sweet message (very polite and understanding) and now I’m more confused than ever. What was that he said about pressure? Did I miss anything? I guess I’ll have to learn to decipher/ crack the code (?) sometime soon… 😉


Grosses bises  ♥  Etoile


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